copy songs from mediaplayer to ipod

Transfer music songs from Windows media player to ipod

As media player is mostly used player for music but it is not compatible with ipod. So first question for ipod owner is how to transfer music from Windows Media Player to Ipod?

There are lots of buzz about media player to ipod song transfer. How to transfer song from media player to ipod. but the real fact that you can not transfer songs music from media player to ipod directly .But here is some ipod tips that you can use to transfer music from media player to ipod.
Copy songs to your computer and right click on that song.
Now go the the property of that song and change the 'opens with' setting from media player to Itunes.
Another ipod tricks is right click on that song and select the tab “open with”
Now select the itune from the list.
That all you have done it.

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