Howto Find Ipod Serial Number

If you need to find your iPod serial number.
Hear are the different way to find your iPod serial number:

In iTunes 7.6 or later

1. Hold down the Control key and
Windows user Help > About iTunes
Mac user iTunes > About iTunes .
2. Release the Control key.
3. now scroll information , you will see the last connected ipod's serial number and IMEI as shown in the picture.

In iTunes 7.3-7.5

1. attach your iPod to your computer and it will appear in iture.
2. select it.
3. open the Summary tab, and your iPod's serial number will appear on screen.

On the back of your iPod

If you have an iPod, iPod mini, or iPod nano, the serial number is engraved on the back metal case—just directs your eyes toward the bottom.

In the iPod About screen

You can also find your serial number in the About screen .
Main manu: Select Settings > About.
For older model
Main manu: Select Settings > info

From the iPod manuals download page

Open this website
and click on Upload the serial number of my last connected iPod.

As iTunes keeps track of the most recent iPod serial numbers that have been connected to your computer.
You will get serial number of ipod.

On your iPod packaging and On your iPod invoice or receipt

your iPod serial number in iTunes 6

If you are working with iTunes , here are the steps to get serial number of a connected iPod.
To do this:
1. attach iPod to your pc and it will appear in iTunes.
2. Open iTunes preferences.
Mac users: iTunes menu, open Preferences.
microsofts users: Edit menu, click Preferences.
3. dialog box display on screen, in the right corner as shown in the picture with red box ipod Software version number shown.

Now click on the version number and it will display the serial number of connected ipod.

If your iPod isn't currently connected but it was connected previously,
Do these steps to get the serial number of the last used iPod:
1. Open iTunes preferences.
Mac users: iTunes menu, open Preferences.
Windows users: Edit menu, choose Preferences.
2. this message will appear "No iPod connected".

Click on the message redbox to reveal the serial number of the last iPod connected to the computer

iPod shuffle: How to find the serial number
The iPod shuffle serial number is located on the back of the device (the side with the Apple logo) along the bottom right side. This is where to find it:

The serial number for iPod shuffle (Second Generation) is physically located on the inside edge of the clip on the back of the iPod and requires the clip to be opened to view the serial number. This is where to find it:

If you are not using iTunes 7, then connect iPod shuffle to your computer and open iPod Updater 2005-01-11 or later. It will display the iPod shuffle's serial number.

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