Howto put Ipod in disk mode

Some time ipod refuse to mount on computer. To troubleshoot this you need to start ipod to disk mode. This is best way to troubleshoot disk mounting issue.

To put ipod into disk mode restart you ipod and check that hold switch is off.

Now press and hold following combination of switches simultaneously to reset you ipod.

For first generation and 3rd generation press and hold manu and play/pause for 10 seconds.
For 4th generation ( photo, nano, video) press and hold manu and select button for 10 seconds.

Now restart ipod explained above and as you see the apple logo on the screen. Let it go and then simultaneously press and hold fast forward and rewind button. This will force ipod to start in disk mode. And ipod will mount on computer. If ipod will not mount on computer then restart your computer.

When you see do not disconnect icon on the ipod screen it means you ipod is in disk mode.

Now to exit from disk mode you have to reset ipod.

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