howto run iPod Diagnostic Mode

How to enable put iPod Diagnostic Mode

Each ipod has in built features for self test. This test determines that your ipod need to repair or it has less serious problem and you can solve problem by yourself. You can test hardware like click wheel and USB port working or not, hard disk, memory etc.

Diagnostic for ipod Video, ipod Nano Diagnostic, ipod

Note: These diagnostic tests will not affect ipod data or any configuration setting. While you are doing this test it is advisable to plug ipod to charging as some test use lots of power

To switch on this diagnostics mode:
Simultaneously press “Manu” and “Select” button and hold them for 10 second until ipod logo appear on screen.

When ipod logo appears on screen you fill hard disk spinning. Now quickly press "REW" and "Select" button and hold this switch. Ipod will chirp and the Apple logo should appear backwards. Now you are in diagnostic mode.

If you want to run following test in manual mode then press Manu
And I you want to run test in auto mode then press Back button.
If you want to cancel any test just press Manu button before starting that test.

In Auto test mode following test will:
Graphic self test, SDRAMQuicktest , RTC , USB test, Accessory Test, color,
Key test, Wheel test, Backlight Color

Memory tests IPod's SDRAM, IRAM and FLASH memory both read and write.

IRAM: it takes long time to start test and rebooting your ipod.
Wheel: This take two test Keypad test and Wheel test. During key test press each key once.
IO Comms: input and output communication. Tests iPod USB port, FireWire and Remote. If the Remote is not connected to your iPod during the test, you can get NG (no good) for headphone port.

LCD: This has two tests Backlight and Color.

Headphone Detect: This test checks the Hold Switch and Headphone port.
Hard Drive: it has four tests and uses lots of power
HDSpecs: - everything from hard drive temperature to serial number all about harddisck specification.
HDScan -it Scans your iPod's hard drive and determines if it is fragmented. It will take a few minutes so be patient.
HDSMARTData : – used by technicians for repairing.
HDRW :- this test read and write functionality of hard drive if it fails means hard drive need to be replaced.
Audio: it has two tests speaker test and MIC tests.

Syscfg for System Configuration
It provides information about iPod's hardware version, serial numbers, and part number. This information is need if you give your ipod for repair to service center

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