Ipod touch tips troubleshooting

Ipod touch tip and troubleshooting

pairing record error on iPhone and iPod Touch

when you upgrade your ipod touch to new version of 1.1.3 of firmware. You may get error message when you try to sync your ipod to computer.

The error like this:
iTunes could not connect to the iPod "your ipod name here" because
the pairing record is missing.

don’t worry if you get this error message it is vary easy to fix this problem. Just shutdown and then restart your computer. Ha ha its fulish solution but it works and fix the pairing record error on ipod touch.

The iPod Touch tip to Customize Home Screen

Customize home screen to arrange icons.

To rearrange the icons:
Normally home screen come first otherwise go to the home screen.
Now Touch and hold any icon on home screen (browser, email etc.).
when icon ready to change it will start to "wiggle" back and forth
Now drag the icons where you want to rearrange them.
Now press the square Home button to save changes.

Customize the music menu on the iPod Touch

When you click Music from the main screen of the iPod Touch, there are five icons (Playlists, Artists, Songs, Albums and More)at bottom of screen. You can customize this menu just click ‘edit’ from top- left side of screen. Now choose additional icons and drag it to existing icon that you want to replace with new icon.

now click "Done" and your changes will be saved.

Copy and Paste on iPod Touch

. iCopy is an application that allows you to copy paste fuction on ipod touch.

Some other ipod touch tips

1. If you’re watching long webpage in Safari – just tap on top bar of screen having time battery. Browser Safari will automatically scroll up to top and bring address bar.
2. Turn off WiFi and SSH (using Services from Installer) to save battery power when not in use.
3. within any application if you double click home button it will bring music controls.

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