ios 12 features and apple gadgets list upgradeble to ios12

Ios 12 new features. List of apple iphone,ipad,ipod touch which can be upgraded to ios 12

Ios 12 is the last released apple operating system in 2018 for mobile phones. Most recent version is ios 12.1. Ios is mainly smartphone operating system which is compact version of mac os.
Here are the main features of ios 12. Before that I will provide list of apple devices which can upgradable to ios 12.

All model of iphone x including iphone xs, iphone xs max are pre installed with ios 12.

Now list of ios 12 main features
1. Higher speed and performance
Ios 12 increase the speed of apple gadgets. Your camera, app, and other app work 50 to 70 percentages faster on old iphone ipad compare to ios 11 and other ios operating system.
2. Memoji
In ios 12 you have option for memoji. In ios 11 you have animoji which is animated emoji and in ios 12 you can make memoji. To make memoji
 Open message app – tap on animoji button – then tap on + sign to add skin color, hair style and other accessory and then click done.

3. Screen time
Now a days people are addicted gadgets. So here you come to know how much time you are using apps. You can find how much time you spend on games or other social apps.
4. Improved photo related apps and siri
Give better search and sharing suggestion for photo memories and excellent image editing apps.
5. Esim support.
Esim is digital sim which don’t need physical sim card. But for that your smartphone must have microchip. Latest iphone x, iphone xr has that microchip. So you can unlock dual sim on your single nano sim iphone. Esim store customer data electronically and it don’t need physical sim card. And you can store more than one electronics sim on one iphone. But you can use only one esim at a time. Ios 12 start supporting esim.
6. improved battery health suggestion to user.
7. Latest released ios 12.1.1 update version which is in beta mode has more improved facetime compare to ios 12. It also supports volte on iphone 8 and later released iphone. This also started live photo within facetime similar as ios 11. Fix bugs and security laps found in ios 12.

8. Easy data transfer from iphone to iphone without using itunes / computer or any software.
9. More better safari browser.

Facetime tutorial for iphone ipad ios devices

Facetime tutorial for iphone ipad and ios devices, question answer about facetime.
How group facetime work
First turn on group facetime on your iphone ipad.
Go to setting–facetime–turn on facetime.

How to find facetime on iphone ipad.
             Facetime is available on all latest iphone and ios devices.  Go to setting–screen time -content and privacy restriction – allowed app here you must have facetime app setting is allowed. And if your iphone don’t have facetime then restore it with latest ios version. Last release is 12.1. But first take backup of your device or transfer all data content from your iphone before restoring. As restore will delete all data from your iphone. Some gulf country don’t allow facetime app so you will not find facetime at those country.

How to activate Facetime.
     Open facetime app. It shows dialog box people can contact you on all of your devices with facetime using your number or email id. Tap on continue. Here you will see message that your carrier may charge for sms to activate facetime. Tap ok. It will show waiting for activation. It will take 1 to 2 minutes for activation.

         Advantage of facetime is you can even contacted by email address. To register your email id with facetime go to ipad / ipod touch setting – facetime – login with apple id and passcode.
To make facetime chat call? 
Go to contact list select person, menu appear tap on facetime and you have two option voice call or video call.
How to make facetime video call on mac computer.
Open facetime app enter number or email address and make call. Now phone receiver icon for audio call and camera icon is for video call.
        On macos Mojave 10.14.1 you can make group video call upto 32 persons simultaneously. Facetime shows 4 to 9 active person video tiles on screen.

Difference between facetime and imessage
Imessage is services which allow chat with multiple users and also allow to share photo video. While facetime is app services which allow audio and video call between users.

Which Apple ios devices support facetime.
All iphone released after iphone4.
Ipad pro and ipad mini all model.
Ipod touch 4th generation and later released ipod.
Ipad2, ipad3 ipad4.
But for facetime group video call you need iphone6 or later and all ios gadgets which support ios 12.1.

Can I make call to android mobile from facetime?
No it only work with ios operating system devices.
Facetime error troubleshooting
if you get activation unsuccessful or your facetime stuck at waiting for activation then try following steps.
1) Turn on mobile data or wifi internet connection.
2) You have entered correct apple id and password.
3) make sure your sms service is on and you are able to receive sms from apple.
4) Set time zone properly on your mobile.
5) Turn off facetime and turn on.
6) If all above will not work then reset network setting.
7) Update your ios to latest version.
8) Some country facetime is not available. In that case you need to jailbreak it. Jailbreak may void warranty.

Security bypass screen locked iphone ios devices

Get access to screen locked iphone ipad without passcode and ios tricks for security bypass iphone.

Method 1 recover lost passcode to get access to screen locked iphone.
            You can use this method on any ios version including ios12.1,ios12 ios11 and older version of apple mobile operating system. It can remove screen lock of iphonex, iphonexr and iphonexs and all models of ipad. You can remove passcode on any apple gadgets.
            When you set screen passcode on iphone. Iphone screen password store inside iphone operating system. First find any good iphone root explorer. Get access to root files. Now the location of passcode is private/var/keychain. This is a folder inside root directory. And name of the file is keychain.db. This is mostly sql database file and passcode is encrypted. So find some extractor who can recover data from this file. And you have iphone screen unlock passcode.
           There are many third party software available which can recover data, lost passcode from iphone ipad and other gadgets. But those are paid software.

Method 2
              You can restore iphone which remove passcode protection. But restore will delete all data on your apple mobile. So make sure you have latest backup on itunes or icloud. So when you restore iphone you can recover most of your data from backup. This way you can unlock screen locked iphone.

Method 3
Here is tricks which allow you to access screen locked iphone without passcode and recover photo data. This work on ios 12 and 11.
For that just call from any other mobile to your iphone.
Now you will see incoming call.
 Here you have option to answer it or respond with text messages.
Choose messages and then go to custom menu.
 Here we are trying to take photo gallery of password locked iphone.
 Now ask siri to enable voice over.
Siri will read whatever tab you have selected on screen.
Tap on camera icon and swipe the screen and when siri reach to photo gallery select photo.
This will add photo to text message and it will transfer to caller phone.
You have successfully security bypass passcode locked iphone and you have recovered iphone photo data without knowing passcode. Now apple has fix this bug. I think this method only work if allow access when locked option is enable under siri. To check this got to setting – face id & passcode – check siri app.