transfer music from ipodto mac computer

Transferring music from ipod to mac computer is easy if you use ipod as a regular device rather than auto sync device. I know auto sync is important feature but for few minutes disable it.
Now connect ipod to computer and open itunes.
On left side pane you will fine your ipod (name of ipod). Click on it to open.
It the right edge bottom you can find many icons. One icon looks like a tiny ipod. Click on it. This will open configuration windows.
transfer music from ipod to mac computer
You can see in picture. It is selected "Manually manage songs and playlists". If automatic update is selected then uncheck automatic update and select manual mange songs.
Now open main itunes windows.
Now to select all songs click on edit tab  select all
Drag them all onto the library in the left column.

Copying will take time depend upon your music library. you have a restored iTunes library. Or you can say transferring music from ipod to mac computer is done.
If you want you can go back to itunes preferences and re-enable auto sync.
Note: I have not purchased music from iTunes music store. These steps for transfer music from ipod to mac computer are not for registered music. I don’t know what happen with registered music if you do copy like this.

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