how to enter ipod touch dfu mode

            How to enter ipod touch dfu mode. Procedure for ipod touch dfu mode for 5th, 6th generation and all kind of ipod shuffle and ipod nano generations.
           Dfu mode is very useful for unlocking and unhides hidden features of ipod touch, jailbreaking ipod. Dfu /device firmware upgrade mode is useful for downgrading to earlier version of ipod ios. You can change system file of ipod touch.
         Ipod dfu mode means i device /ipod touch/ iphone/ ipad firmware upgrade.    Dfu mode comes before ipod load installed operating system.
(1)    First install itunes latest version into your laptop or computer.  You can say that itunes is the
ipod friendly or ipod iphone device manager. You can restore reset and install ios to your ipod from itunes.
(2) Open itunes then connect your ipod touch via usb cable to computer.
(3) Then power off your ipod touch.
(4) Then click and hold power button until you get power slider on the top of ipod touch screen.
(5) Slide power slider towards right side to turn off power. Wait few second untill ipod touch completely power off.
(6) Now press only power button and hold it for 3 to 5 second.
(7) Now along with the power button also simultaneously press & hold power and home button for 10 to 15 second. Now leave the power button but keep press & holding home button for another 20 seconds.  Itunes detect a new device ipod touch and pop up a message within itune that new device ipod is detected or prompt you that you are in dfu mode. But screen of ipod touch will remain blank.  

(8) And if you have done above procedure without connecting to itunes then Ipod may prompt that connect to itunes.
Now it prompts you to restore and upgrade your ipod touch or you need to manually restore ipod. Go through my post regarding ipod restore manually.
(9)  If you have successfully entered into dfu that mean idevice/ ipod/iphone/ ipad firmware upgrade mode. Ipod screen remain black.

(10) Keep in mind you cannot enter into dfu mode at first try. You should read the procedure and keep trying, it may take 2 to 3 attempts to enter dfu /device firmware upgrade mode successfully.

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