how to Turn off ipod

how to turn off ipod of diffrent types

how to turn off ipod nano

press and hold the play/ pause button for few second it will turn of the ipod nano. To turn on ipod simply press any key.

Turn off iPod Shuffle

in ipod shuffle you will find green stripe just back side of the switch move the switch so that green stripe is not visible. When green stripe is not visible ipod shuffle is turned off. To turn on iPod shuffle, move the switch on the back to play or the shuffle position. And green stripe will be visible.

In simple word to turn off ipod shuffle - you simply put the slider on the back to the up position.

How to Turn Off a Video iPod
holding a play/pause button for few second wil turn off a video ipod.

If you bought new Video iPod and don’t know much about ipod then you may be looking for on/off switch. But there is no exactly on/off button on video ipod.
Then you ask how I turn off video ipod.
It does not work with on /off but either awake or asleep.
The iPod doesn’t work in terms of on and off. Instead it only deals in awake or asleep.
If you stop playing ipod and put it in ideal condition then its screen starts dim and then become black it means ipod in sleep mode soo it will consume less battery power.
You can manually make ipod in sleep condition by holding down play/pause button for few seconds. T
The hold switch is at the top of the Video iPod near the headphone jack. Turn it on so ipod will not accidentally wake from sleep and this will save power of battery and when you want to use ipod again turn it on again. Sometime it require to toggle hold switch to.

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