Ipod Tips And Tricks

Ipod Tips and Tricks - Ipod Troubleshooting guide.

This blog provides iPod tips and tricks, Apple Ipod Troubleshooting, How to restore iPod and how to reset iPod touch. Ipod tips for nano, shuffle and many other video ipod tricks for troubleshooting.

First and biggest problem iPod won't start up.

Ipod Tips to troubleshooting iPod won't start

1) First before starting troubleshooting fully charge your iPod.

2) Secondly and most common mistake is - User by mistake make iPod in hold position. So it will not work. Make sure hold switch is off. If hold switch is on then you will see lock symbol on screen. Move hold switch to off position. If it shows hold switch is off. Even then toggle hold switch on and off for couple of time. If remote control plugged into it, make sure that its hold switch is off as well.

3) if you can mount iPod on computer. Then restore it with latest software updater according to your model. You can find latest software on Apple website. To start iPod restore process read this post about how to Restore Ipod. I will explain this in details.

Note :- If you Restore iPod, all your data like calendar, music and contact will be erased. So take back up before restoring.
4) if it wan’t charge or you are not able to charge it, make battery completely dry. Take out battery from iPod and put outside for 24 hours. It will dry completed and again fully charge the battery.

5) if it is 18 months old and you have used it extensively. It may possible that battery is completed dead.

This Ipod Troubleshooting tricks will solve almost all problems in most off the cases or else contact technician for repairing.

Ipod Tricks - iPod doesn't mount or not appear in iTunes.

1)iPod will not be recognized by low power USB port. Make sure to plug in usb2.0 port or fire wire port.
2) It needs all the power a fire wire port can deliver. If it is connected with chain of fire wire devices. It will not get required power and it will not appear in iTunes.

3) reset iPod, I have explained it in last post how to reset ipod.

4)If you are using MAC system. Then restart PC while holding a shift key of keyboard. This will disable start up items and if iPod respond to this treatment should be restored.

5) For first three generation i pods, hold next and previous button. And for mini and fourth generation play and the Select button to place the iPod in Disk Mode. If iPod mount only with this disk mode. Then it should be restored.

Update : Many people search on google and yahoo how to transfer music from ipod to computer, PC or iTunes. Here is steps for transfer music from iPod to computer and how to transfer music from ipod to itunes.

Ipod Tricks for The iPod displays a folder with an exclamation point when it starts up.

1) Fully charge it. It may possible that iPod is confused by some process.
2) Make sure it is updated with latest version of software which is compatible. An incompatible software may cause this problem. So restore your iPod.
3) If it is formatted with some windows or mac disk utility which are incompatible. If you have done this, then restore iPod with latest updater available on apple.
4) If none of this iPod tricks steps work. That means hard drive is dead. Try diagnosis hard disk with diagnosis test or contact service center.

Ipod Tricks for The iPod displays a battery with an exclamation point.

1) make sure you are charging from working power source. It will not charge, if it attached to sleeping computer. And also USB 2.0 connection won't charge a third-generation iPod.
2) iPod locked up then try to unlock it by resetting. For first three generation iPods simultaneously hold Menu and Play button and for forth generation and mini press Play and Select button for about 7 to 10 seconds.
4) If it does not charge. Even you plugged it with power receptacle for longer time. Then try to use another cable. As damaged cable also prevent it from charging.
5) If none of these treatments work, that means iPod battery is dead.

Ipod tricks for The iPod displays the image of a spinning disk and magnifying glass.

1) This indicate that it performing disk scanning test. This icon appear in first three generation iPod, not available in mini and fourth generation iPods. If you don’t want to perform this test reset iPod. If you like to complete the scan then plug iPod for charging. As this test takes lots of power and take long time about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

These Apple iPod tips and tricks are common for different types of video iPod, iPod touch or shuffle.