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Apple Ipod touch restore, touch 64gb 128gb factory setting restore guide and Ipod shuffle nano restoring steps.

Few reason for ipod touch, ipod nano, ipod classic restoring:
1.Apple ipod restore required for many reason like if you forgotten your ipod password and your ipod disabled locked due to lost password ipod restore is the best option.
2. If your ipod not working properly it is suggested to restore ipod. If you want to sell your ipod restore it so it looks like new one.
3. Ipod hangs or freeze frequently and during apple ipod troubleshooting you may require to restore your ipod.
Steps for ipod touch restore
Step 1. Plug in your ipod touch / ipad / ipod shuffle to computer and wait till ipod get detected by computer.
2. Now open itunes and make sure you have latest version of itune installed. Otherwise update your itunes first. And then open your itunes and under device find the apple device that you want to restore. In our case it is ipod touch restoring.
3. Now select ipod touch under itunes and on right side pane click on summary tab. Under summary tab first block have all details about ipod touch name, capacity- touch 16gb, 32gb, model no - a1574, serial number, software version etc.
4. After that under version you have two tab check for update and restore. Check for update indicate that where you have up to date software version or not. And restore tab says that if you are facing problem restore your ipod touch. Click on restore. This will display below pop up massage.
                              Are you sure to restore ipod / ipad to its factory setting? All your media and other data will be erased and newest version of ipad/ ipod software will be installed.
                          Itunes will erase and restore your ipod to ios and will verify restore with apple.   After this process is complete. You will have option the option to restore contact, calendar text messages and other setting.
 Choose restore or cancel.
     You can also restore ipod touch under recovery mode in that case you will get this message     Itunes has detected ipod in recovery mode. You must restore this ipod before it can be used by itunes.
Choose restore or cancel.
5. Now click on restore
6. Again it warns you that all purchased data will be erased do you want to continue with restore or cancel restore.
Click on continue.
Itunes is restoring software on this ipod / ipad.
7. Once the process got completed you will have two options
This computer is previously been synced with iphone / ipod or another ios devices. If you are using more than one apple device than choose right options when you restore ipod touch from back up.
--Set up as new device
-- Restore from the back up of your ipod iphone - all previous backup list. Last synced date.
Restoring ipod touch from back up.
Now itunes give a display message that setting for your ipod has been restored. After restart ipod will appear in itunes windows.
Apple ipod touch fully restore to its factory setting.

Ipod tips and tricks for Restoring iPod to factory settings how to restore iPod classic, iPod mini and iPod nano.

Note:- If you restore ipod ,it will erase all data from ipod. So it is advisable to take back up all your data before restoring.

1) First download latest version o itune and ipod software from internet.
2) And first install itune of latest version
3) Open itune and then connect ipod to computer with USB or fire wire cable.
4) Now check ipod is appear in source panel of itune
5) Select ipod and check summary tab of ipod in itune windows. Make sure you have downloaded latest software for ipod
6) Click on Restore button it will prompt you different option for restore. Here are the options

Option 1: Restore - Restores with same iPod Software version already on iPod
Option 2: Use Same Version - Restores with same iPod Software version already on iPod even though a newer version is available.
Option 3: Use Newest Version - Restores with the latest iPod Software available.
Option 4: Restore and Update - Restores with the latest iPod Software available.

7) In Mac system it asks for admin username and password.

A progress bar will appear on the computer screen tells that first stage of restoring process has started keep your ipod connect to power supply or computer.

8) Now ipod restore process is going on and it will show the status bar for progress give you few following up message instruction according to your ipod model.
Messages are like keep ipod connected to power adapter or with computer until complete restore.

9) Now after 2nd stage itune setup assistant ask you to name your ipod and also ask to select synchronizing preferences when you 1st time connect to computer.

Ipod Tips for Restoring iPod shuffle to factory settings

now first 7 steps are common for ipod shuffle which are mentioned above.

8) Now During the 2nd stage of the restore, a green LED will flash once on iPod shuffle, then amber and green LEDs will flash briefly, and finally the amber LED will begin to
Flash continuously.
9) Now after 2nd stage itune setup assistant ask you to name your ipod and also ask to select synchronizing preferences when you 1st time connect to computer.

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