how to unlock ipod screen

how to unlock ipod screen lock

Unlocking ipod nano, ipod shuffle, classic and ipod video without software and code.
iPod nano, Second Generation, ipod touch, and 5th gen Generation iPod (iPod with video) includes Screen Lock code of 4-digits. This code is used to unlock ipod screen lock. In this post I will guide you how to unlock ipod without screen lock code software.

About Screen Lock SecurityFirst how to configure screen
Go to the extra manu then
Extras --> Screen Lock
Then set combination

Now set code for screen lock
You can use Previous/Rewind or Next/Fast-forward button to scroll through numbers.
1. When you get the desired number, press the Center button to confirm your choice; the second number will then be highlighted.
.when you enter the last digit, you'll be returned to the Screen Lock menu.

Now to Locking Your iPod
1. Select Extras > Screen Lock > Turn Screen Lock On.
2. iPod displays a "Please remember it!" message in the Screen Lock menu; select Lock to lock your iPod.
3. Once ipod locked, it displays an Enter Code screen. and a key icon in the upper-right corner that indicate you your iPod is locked.

Unlocking iPod
You can unlock iPod in one of two ways:
• Enter the combination code of 4 digit to unlock the iPod. If you enter wrong code combination, the digits onscreen flash red.
• Or Connect iPod to the main computer you use (computer with which iPod synced with), and open iTunes. Now disconnect the iPod from the computer, it will be unlocked.

Unlock ipod without combination code
Now if you forgot you combination code then in this case you have to restore your ipod to factory setting. Important note :-when you reset your ipod, it this will erase all data from your iPod. You need to add your song and data again.

When you need to enter your screen lock code.
When You force iPod to sleep When you wake it, the Enter Code screen appears.
How to add Screen Lock to the Main MenuIf you use Screen Lock frequently, then it’s nice to add screen lock to main manu.
Just open Settings > Main Menu, then select Screen Lock to change its status to On. Screen Lock should now appear in the main menu.

• iPod goes to sleep by itself
if ipod remain inactive for more then 2minutes , iPod will go to sleep mode automatically. When you wake it, its ask for screen code.

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