Search locate video files on iphone ipad

How to search all video files on ipad or iphone. Details about where does iphone store video files and different method to locate video folder on iphone and ipad.

                             Apple iphone 6s plus, iphone se 64gb, 32gb and ipad pro, ipad air 16gb has isight 12 megapixel camera. These can take high definition videos and sharp images.

                                  Itunes stores have latest video movies, films, tv programs to download from your ipad and iphone.  Also you can download English movies, Hollywood movies from internet to your iphone.  Icloud also a big platform to store and share video, movies and pictures.

                               But only problem is when you download videos, movies it does not ask you where you want to store your films video and movies. It saves all video movies under internal storage of your ipad and iphone.

                                   This is not done arbitrary, there is design rule for camera file system and under that digital camera images dcim folder created. Now all your video, movies films pictures and photos stored under dcim. It has many subfolders and those subfolder are created with first 3 to 4 character are number and then apple. Like 200apple,201apple and also many subfolder and images are named as per date like year, month etc.

                                  Now big question is location of video file on ipad, where ipad or iphone store save video files. How to search video on ipad or how to find video movies on iphone.
Here is the different way to find location of video files on ipad / iphone.
1) Under dcim folder. Now iphone and ipad support this video, films movies file extensions  h264 video 1080p, .m4v, .avi, .mp4, divx, .mov, mkv, xvid,mpeg-4 video 2.5 mbps, motion jpeg m-jpeg video, .wmv.

So search for  *.avi or *.wmv this will list all file with .avi or .wmv extension.
2) Open my computer – then under portable devices - open iphone or ipad icon- then under internal storage folder  search for *.* this will list all the file present under internal storage. Internal storage is the inbuilt memory of your iphone /ipad.

Now video file size is normally above 10mb and movies, films file size is above 500mb. So after *.* search result click on view – then arrange icon by size. This will list all the files including video, movies file under internal storage folder as per the size of the file. Now select all the files which you think are video files and transfer videos from iphone to computer. This way you can locate video files on your iphone and ipad.

3. Go to iphone or ipad setting – general – manage storage – under this find the video folder. There are many folders, mostly ipad store save video under video folder and also under camera roll folder. This is one more location where ipad store video files.

4. Now you have taken photo & video from isight camera then those video stored at dcim folder/ photo or photo stream or dcim/ cameraroll folder.

5. Now your ipad or iphone have synced with computer or itunes then your video will be at video app. So tap on video app you will get the list of video location on your iphone / ipad.

6. Again if you have transferred and imported video files from computer and itunes then here are the more location where you can find video files on apple iphone and ipad.

/var/mobile/ media/itunes_control / music/ and /var/private/mobile/ media/itunes_control    or user/ media /photodata.
You need to explore file system of your ipad or iphone to get these video folders.

7. One more way to find other video folder is connect ipad or iphone to computer. Open itunes - click on your ios device like ipad. On left hand side highlight your ipad and expand the file folders. At the bottom side expand on my devices. There is folder named music, films etc. this folder also content video files.

8. Open media folder on your ipad– then photo folder – video folder and under this video folder there are many subfolder where you can find video files.

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