Transfer video from ipad iphone to computer

Transfer videos from ipad to windows computer,importing hd movies between iphone and windows 10 & windows7 and copy video films from ipod to pc.

Here I will give you 3 methods for iphone video transfer

                                You are having apple ipad pro, ipad air 32gb, ipad mini 16gb. You have downloaded many Hollywood movies, english movies videos from itunes store and now your ipad memory full and you want to transfer video movies from ipad to windows 10/windows 8 computer.

                                      Apple ipad pro, ipad air has 12 megapixel isight camera. Iphone5, iphone 6 se, iphone 6s plus also have 12 megapixel isight camera. This iphone, ipad camera allows you to make movie of high resolution high definition. Due to that size of those video movies are very high. And ipad and iphone have 64gb, 128gb free memory. Which can be used in no time. And for that you need to transfer all your ipad video movies to your home computer having windows10 / 8 operating system.

                               Here is the procedure for how to transfer video from apple ipad to computer. You can use this procedure for iphone5, iphone 6s plus, iphone se to transfer movies video to pc.

Method 1 Ipad iphone video film transfer to computer using airdrop.

                  Airdrop is preinstalled app on ipad, iphone or ios devices. On iphone open control center and there you can find airdrop, if airdrop is grey then turn on wifi and Bluetooth to turn on airdrop. Also turn off hotshot on you ipad, iphone or ios devices. With this app your can transfer iphone ipad data library to other ipad , iphone or ios devices. But you need to transfer songs, music, video films, contact and app separately to other iphone ipad. You cannot transfer entire data at one attempt. On mac computer click on go and there you can find airdrop.

                Now open video app, now on top right side there is select tab, now select video which you want to transfer to computer or other ios devices. Now tap on sharing button on lower left side.  Then select airdrop for sharing, now it will show nearby devices. Select the device or computer to which you want to transfer video.  Now other device or computer get pop up for accept or decline content.  Tap on accept to accept video from iphone. You can use this method for iphone ipad data movies, song , contact and app transfer.

Method 2 Iphone ipad video movie transfer to computer using icloud.

                 You can use icloud for transferring video movies from iphone ipad or ios device to computer. For that first turn on icloud photo library.  For that go to iphone setting – icloud – photo – turn on icloud photo library. When you turn on icloud photo library, whenever you take selfie picture or images gallery by your iphone ipad camera or when you record a video films from your iphone or ipad camera it will automatically upload to icloud storage when you connect to internet.
              Now download icloud client for windows computer and install it you need windows 7, 8, 10 or higher version for this. Now open icloud application on computer and log in to icloud using your apple id. Then go to photo option, and check on - download new photo and video to my pc as shown in image below.

               You can also turn on icloud photo library from computer also. If you want to download selected film,video from icloud then select those video and click on cloud with downward arrow to download on your computer. Location of download video to your computer is c:\ user folder\ pictures or video\ icloud \ download.
  This way you can transfer iphone ipad video to computer without using itunes.

Method 3 manual transfer of video movies iphone to computer without using itunes
Step 1) connect apple iphone or ipad to windows computer. Computer detects ipad as external usb media device.

Step 2) your iphone or ipad will appear under this pc or my computer.

                                          While you connect your ipad to computer. Ipad does not appear in my computer or this pc. If you facing such problem during moving your video hd movies from ipad to computer then you first turn off passcode protection for your ipad.  Also keep your ipad screen unlock condition from starting of ipad video transfer to completion of video transfer to computer. It is better to turn off automatic screen lock of your ipad or iphone while copying movies and videos.

Step 3) find ipad icon under portable device under my computer.                 

Step 4) open ipad iphone folder and under internal storage folder all your video, english hollywood movie and your downloaded movie, vides are stored.

                              Now to transfer all your video and movies to computer question comes in mind is where ipad store all downloaded video files, location of video file on iphone or ipad and how to search all video files on ipad or iphone. Here is the tip for finding all video files on iphone or ipad.

Below I brief you how to find video file on ipad and iphone.  

                            So now under internal storage folder, Internal storage folder is the inbuilt memory of your ipad pro 32gb, ipad air,ipad mini 4 16gb. So all purchased movies, downladed video, recorded video from 12 mega pixel isight camera of ipad or iphone will be stored under internal storage memory of your ipad. Even you iphone 6s plus 64gb, iphone se store all video movies under internal storage of your iphone memory.
So open internal storage folder and search for *.* this will list all files and folder under internal storage.
 Now rearrange all file as per the size of the files.
You can do this by click on view- then click on tab arrange icon by size.
Now most of the hd movies video size are above 500mb. So select all those files and copy those files and paste on this pc or my computer folder.
Step 5) now if you want to transfer selected movies from your ipad to computer then

iphone or ipad support this video, films, movies file extensions   h264 video 1080p, .m4v, .avi, .mp4, divx, .mov, mkv, xvid,mpeg-4 video 2.5 mbps, motion jpeg m-jpeg video, .wmv.

Step 6) now search for  *.mp4,  *.m4v etc. this will list films, movies with that particular file extension. Copy those films & movies and transfer them to windows computer.
Fix problem like 1)  no new video or picture were found on this devices 2) ask for passcode everytime while try to copy films video to computer.

                                   While you are transferring films video from ipad to computer, your ipad icon appear under my computer but when you click on it, it says there is no new video or picture were found on this devices. To solve this problem remove passcode protection of your ipad, also disable automatic screen lock of your ipad or increase time for automatic screen lock so you ipad screen stay in unlocked condition until you finish video transfer to computer. Also trust the computer and allow this computer to access photo video while it is connected to ipad or 

                    Here i also like to add that during manual transfer of video from iphone to computer when you connect iphone ipad or ios device to computer, you will find iphone ipad folder under my computer. But when you open iphone folder it show blank. You won’t able to find any file folder under iphone ipad. But actually there are many photos , pictures and video movies on iphone /ipad. Many suggest that Restoring iphone / ipad or ios device will solve this problem but don’t restore it there is no problem with iphone or ipad so don’t go for iphone ipad troubleshooting. Actually such thing happens because apple ios device use apfs file system while windows operating system use ntfs or fat32 file system. Due to this windows computer not able to read iphone file folder. So it just shows blank iphone folder.


                  First try to install apple mobile device driver on your computer after that apple iphone ipad will be detected under devices and scanner under my computer. If this will not solve your problem then you need to install any good ios root file system browser on your computer. There are many free apps and software available on app store and internet. Once you have installed that software you can brose iphone / ipad file system. Just go to this folder private / var/ mobile( this is user home folder)/ media/ dcim/ on your iphone. Dcim folder store all photos, pictures and video you have taken by your iphone ipad camera. Now copy these video library or picture and paste on your computer. I created separate post about how to troubleshoot when iphone ipad won’t power on or turn on. Go through that post for iphone ipad troubleshooting.


                                when you try to copy selected films from ipad to windows pc, it prompt to enter passcode everytime in this case also disable passcode, keep ipad screen unlocked condition and trust the computer.

Import movie videos from apple iphone camera roll to windows 8, windows 7computer.

This method can only import video movies recorded by camera. If you want to copy all the video to computer then follow above method.

     1)    Connect your iphone or ipad to windows computer. You window 8 detect ipod or ipad as an external usb media devices.

     2)    Now at your iphone or ipad new windows open ask to trust this computer. Tap on trust the computer.

     3)    Now open this pc or my computer and under portable devices find apple ipad or iphone icon.

     4)    Now right click on ipad icon under my computer. And select import pictures and video option.

     5)    At the same time new dialog window opens on your ipad screen. And ask you to allow this device to access photo and video.
    6)     Tap on allow, now your computer can access video film stored on your ipad.

    7)    Now on your computer new windows open and guide you about number of new photos and video were found. It has two option
If you are importing video for first time then select the option
 review, organize and group items to import.

But if you have imported video movies from your camera roll before then select import all new items now. Click on next.

    8)    Now provide the destination folder on your computer where your want to import film video from your ipad or iphone.

    9)    Select all the video movies that you want to import to computer.

    10) Then click ok.

Wait for few minutes and you have successfully transferred your video movies films from your ipad to computer.

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