Ipad iphone restore without losing data

Here are steps by steps tutorial for how to restore iphone ipad without losing deleting data.

                  First I would suggest that you keep turn on icloud backup or itune backup on your iphone ipad. So any new video songs, music you download to your iphone ipad it can automatically backup. So you don’t lose data even your iphone not working or ipad not working. Secondly your purchased music songs movies or tv show you can free transfer to your computer from itunes store using apple id passcode so you would not lose those music video songs.

                       But you are in situation that your iphone / ipad are disabled locked and you need to unlock your iphone / ipad. And only possible way is to restore your iphone / ipad. But restoring iphone ipad will erase all your iphone data including  iphone library,music, video, photos gallery, contact and apps.

                   You are not able to screen unlock your disabled iphone or ipad. So before restoring iphone or ipad you need backup of your iphone, ios device or ipad, so you don’t lose any data as restoring iphone ipad will delete all your data including iphone contact, music, video songs, images gallery, library and apps on disabled iphone ipad.

                      So here your need is to recover data like music, video, songs, movies, from disabled or locked iphone / ipad. Here is the way you can recover your iphone or ipad data when it is locked but it has some pre –requisite. This is just one ipad iphone tricks to recover data, this iphone tips may or may not work but you can try.

      1)    Connect iphone / ipad to computer which you have trusted by that iphone or ipad when you have connected first time to that computer.

      2)    You have authorized that computer by the same apple id you use on your iphone.

      3)    You have connected ipad to itunes on that computer and you have sync your iphone /ipad with that itunes or you have backup your iphone /ipad on that computer.

     4)    You have not changed your iphone /ipad passcode when you have connected to computer last time.

     5)    And if you have not deleted temp file on your computer since you lastly connected iphone to computer itunes.
     6)     I also suggest to keep logged in with your apple id on itunes store on computer which apple id you are using on your iphone /ipad or ios devices.

                      If above 6 condition are satisfied then connect your iphone to computer. Open itunes, under devices tab find your iphone and then click on summary tab. In most of the cases computer would not ask for passcode of your disabled iphone or ipad. Now on right side of itunes click on backup. And create new backup of your iphone.

              Now you have most recent backup of your iphone /ipad. So go on with iphone ipad restore without losing data. As after restoring ipad or iphone. You can restore your latest iphone or ipad backup on your iphone or ipad and you won’t lose any data even after you are restoring your ipad / iphone.

                 Iphone7, iphone 6, ipad air, ipad pro and many ios device can be restored by this method without deleting data.

                          But if your iphone stuck at apple logo screen, ipad would not power on or iphone start in recovery mode in that case how to take backup of iphone ipad before restoring them.  When iphone automatically start in recovery mode that mean you need ipad iphone troubleshooting as some of system files are not working and that is why it start in recovery mode and you need to restore your iphone ipad.  In ipod you can start in disk mode and then copy all your data to computer. While in iphone ipad you don’t have disk mode support so just connect iphone to computer and use any good file manager app from itunes store, If it can browse iphone folder then you can manually backup your iphone. But chances are very less for this method. Still if you can browse iphone folder then you can copy your iphone music , video , movies photos to computer.  Here is how to transfer music songs from iphone to computer. Your iphone video and photos album which have taken are in dcim folder of iphone. Transfer iphone / ipad video films to computer and then you can restore iphone or ipad.

There are many way you can restore your iphone.
                               Here I want to add one thing, if your iphone stuck at apple logo or your iphone not working properly or hanging, or freeze while playing movies or game. And during ipad iphone troubleshooting you have only option to restore it then to restore iphone / ipad or ipod,   open itunes connect your iphone ipad to computer. Start your iphone / ipad or ipod in recovery mode or dfu mode. Now itunes detect iphone / ipad or ipod in recovery mode and ask you to restore or update iphone. First choose update iphone.  Here itunes update your iphone without erasing iphone data. So you don’t lose any iphone data during restoring or troubleshooting iphone or ipad.

First method of iphone ipod or ipad restore.

     1.     Turn on your computer and start itunes.

     2.     Now connect iphone via usb cable or wifi. I would suggest via usb cable for restoring ipad.

     3.     Now iphone will be recognize by computer itunes and now under itunes click on device tab and then click on iphone which you need to restore.

     4.     Now click on summary tab and on right side panel you will find restore tab and check for update. First try to update iphone or ipad and if iphone got troubleshooted and you don’t need to restore iphone and so you don’t lose any iphone data due to restoring.

         If update of iphone /ipad doesn’t solve your problem like iphone stuck at logo screen, iphone ipad freeze or hang, iphone/ipad won’t turn on ,iphone start in recovery mode then go for restoring ipad iphone.

     5.     There is also option that restore iphone from backup and below that restore backup tab, there is list of latest backups. You can also choose restore backup option or you go for fresh iphone restore. For fresh iphone restore click on restore iphone tab.

     6.     This will download latest version of ios operating system for your ipad and iphone. And it automatically restores iphone. This will delete erase all your iphone data and iphone will be like new. Even all of your settings are set to default.

Method 2 restore iphone/ ipad from backup
     1.     Now if you have recent backup and you want to restore your iphone from backup then here is the way how to restore iphone from backup.

     2.     First to check the available backup on your itunes. Open itunes then click on edit menu just adjacent to file menu then preferences and then device tab. Under device tab on iphone you will see the list of backup of your iphone and ipad. You can choose the latest backup or any of that backup for restoring ipad iphone or ipod.

     3.     Now open itunes , click on file menu then devices then restore backup and then select iphone and backup which you want to restore.

  4. Instead of step 3 you can use other way to restore from backup. For that open itunes - click on device then select iphone and then right click on iphone and then select restore from backup. This will restore iphone, ipad or ios device with that backup and remove all the data on your iphone , ipad.

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