Ipad Iphone Music Transfer to Computer

Transfer music, video songs, mp3 playlist from iphone / ipad / ios devices to computer

                There are many way you can transfer music, songs and mp3 playlists from iphone / ipad to computer. Or there are many ways you can access iphone /ipad music, songs, mp3 video from your computer. I here explain ipod touch, ipad or iphone music transfer to computer with the help of itunes and also iphone music library ,songs video transfer to pc without using itunes.

Five different procedures for how to transfer music songs from ipad / iphone to computer

First technique to transfer iphone music is using apple music membership. In this method you don’t need itunes or any other software for music transfer.

                 You can register at apple music, it is free for 3 months and for student it has discount.  If you don’t find join apple music membership option. Then go to setting – music – and then turn on show apple music. You need to use same apple id for log in to get all your music on apple music.

                You can access all your music library from computer, or from other iphone / ipad or ios devices.  But for this you need to turn on icloud music library on your iphone or ipad. For that go to setting – music – and tap to turn on icloud music library.  From computer open itunes – click on edit – then preferences – under general tab -tick icloud music library. On mac computer click on itunes – then preference and check icloud music library. Now you can access all your iphone music songs album to computer or any other device with apple music this is indirect transfer of ipad music to computer. This way you can also transfer music songs which are not from itunes store but from other sources. If you don’t find music on apple music then open itunes – click on file -then library – select update itune library. Now you will find your music.

                  You can also transfer your songs music from ipad / iphone to android by this method, for that just download apple music app on your android mobile. And log in with the same apple id you are using on iphone or ipad.

            To cancel apple music membership just tap on music app – then profile icon – then view apple id – then subscription – cancel subscription.

Second technique for iphone music, video songs album transfer to computer without itunes software.

To transfer music from ipad or iphone to computer first find where music are stored on iphone or ipad.
Root/private / var is the manin partition of all and under this partition there is home folder for user. So the path of home folder for user is //private/ var/ mobile. Under this folder there is library, document, application and media folder. Under media folder all your music, video songs are stored. So the location of music on iphone or ipad is root//private/var/mobile/Media/ under this media folder all your music stored under /itunes_control/ music.   And if you have sync you iphone with computer then also look at c:\documents and settings\admin or username you logged in to computer\my documents\my music\itunes this is location of your iphone music on computer. But precise location for music is /var/mobile/Media/ on your iphone or ipad.

                    So connect iphone to computer via usb or wifi. Ipod or Iphone will be recognized by computer. So open this pc then click on iphone folder. Now many time it happen that when you open iphone folder on computer, it just open black you do not see any of you data or folder on iphone. So don’t go for ipad iphone troubleshooting. Some may suggest you to restore iphone ipad or ipod touch but it is not required as there is not a problem with iphone. Actually windows os use fat or ntfs file system while apple your apple file system so due to this windows os cant read or access ipad /iphone file and folder.

               First install applemobiledevicesupport driver. And after this iphone or ipad will be found under scanner and devices on my computer. If this cannot solve your problem then go to app store or on internet and look for ios file system browser or file manger. There are many apps and software are available for free. Download and install on your computer now you can access iphone or ipad files and folder, go to music folder under media folder of iphone and copy those music from your iphone or ipad and paste on your computer.

Third method for ipad music transfer to windows pc
                 When you sync your iphone or ipad to computer all your iphone music, songs playlist and video sync with itunes library.  And also you can take full backup of your ipad or iphone with itunes. This will transfer all your music library, video songs, mp3 playlist from ipad or iphone to itunes backup on your computer.

                 Location of itune backup image file on windows computer  >  C: drive or drive on which your os installed\documents and settings\admin\application data\apple computer\mobilesync\backup.  Or open itunes – click on edit menu -preferences - then device tab here you can see list of backup on itunes. Select any backup and right click on it, it will show the location of itune backup.
               On mac computer user/ user home directory/ library/applicationsupport / mobilesync / backup. This is location of itune backup file on mac computer.

                Now itune backup file is not a pure copy of your iphone video songs, mp3 playlists , contact, films etc. But it is an image copy of your ipad iphone library data. You can not directly copy music from this to computer. You need external software which can recover or extract data from itunes backup. There are many apps and software are available on playstore and on internet.

                          Those software extract iphone ipad data from itune backup file into separate folder like music , contact, tv show, photos, video, films etc. From that copy iphone music folder and pasta on to computer. During this ipad or iphone video transfer to computer if your iphone, ipad or ipod touch does not recognize by computer itunes then I have created separate post for how to fix iphone or ipod not detected by computer and troubleshoot ipad / iphone won’t turn on go through those post.

Technique 4 Copy iphone music to computer using icloud.
                      Icloud is cloud storage platform and it provides 5gb free data space. And you can log in with your apple id and password.  You can also backup your iphone ipad on icloud, for that go to iphone or ios device setting – your name – icloud – backup.
                 Now download and install icloud for windows computer. Then log in with apple id and click on music video or photo which you want to transfer on your computer. Then click on cloud with downward arrow to download on your computer.

Technique 5 transfer purchase music mp3 video from iphone to computer
                 Here open itune software icon on your computer log in with your apple id. Then click on account tab - Then click on purchase menu and then click on not in my library. Now you will get list of video songs music album which are not on your itune library on computer, click on download tab to download on your computer library.

               You can also use airdrop to transfer music from iphone to iphone / ipad , mac and computer.

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