Iphone Data Transfer to Iphone Ipad

   This post is about transfer data from iphone to iphone or other ios device having ios 11 or later version. You can use this with iphone 8 iphone 7 and iphone x data transfer. 

                By this method you can transfer iphone data to another iphone / ipad / ipod without itunes and without icloud. Even you don’t need computer or any other software. But just need ios 11 on both ios devices for data transfer.

                Apple release many gadgets every year recently it release iphone x. now you have new iphone and you want to transfer data from your old iphone to new iphone or ipad etc. this way you can transfer iphone music video songs, contact calendar apps and games also.

          Now fully turn on your old iphone having ios 11. If your old iphone ipad or ipod don’t have ios 11 then update upgrade to 11. Here is the list of device which can upgraded to 11.
All iphone release after iphone 5s to iphone x can be upgraded to ios 11. In ipod only 6th generation ipod touch.
In ipad 5th generation ipod and all ipod mini released after mini 2 and ipod air and air 2.

 1) Now turn on your old iphone / ipad. Also turn on your new iphone. And keep both iphone close to each other now they recognize each other if iphone ipad not recognize each other then make sure you have turned on Bluetooth on your both apple devices.

2) Now you will see pop up on your old iphone for set up new iphone. Click continue.

3) now on new iphone you will see a windows says that waiting for other iphone and there is image below it.

4) on your old iphone screen you will see a message hold your new iphone upto the camera and position the patten in the circle and at the bottom you will see authenticate manually.

5) now keep your old iphone over new iphone and center the image in circle this will pair two iphones. Now if you old iphone have passcode then you need to enter that passcode to new iphone.

6 ) now you will see restore your apps data and setting to new iphone in other word you are transferrring your iphone apps data music video movies photo gallery and setting to new iphone. It will show you the last backup of your old iphone. You can click contine  this will restore your new iphone with old iphone backup.or you can select choose other backup or don’t restore. I have created separate post for iphone music transfer to computer, video transfer and ipad contact transfer to iphone. You can go throught that post.

7) if you click on select choose other backup then you will get following option on your new iphone.
Restore from icloud backup
Restore from itunes backup
Setup as new iphone
Move data from android.

8)  select setup as new iphone and follow set up step and your data apps transferred to new iphone. It ask for your apple id and passcode. And on your old iphone you will see pop that your apple id is used to setup new device click ok to authenticate.
9) during setup it ask to set up touch id , siri location , true tone display. You can set up those thing later.

By this way your iphone data transfereed to another iphone / ios devices without using itunes or without using icloud.

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