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Apple Ipod reset for troubleshooting, ipod touch reset shuffle resetting for ipod hanged or stucked Ipod nano resetting

You can use this method for resetting ipod touch 4,5,6th generation, ipod shuffle 1,2,4th generation and ipod nano 5,6,7th generation. Even In my ipod password reset post I have explained how reset apple ipod touch all generation. Ipod resetting helpful when your ipod is hang or frozen.
 If  your apple ipod touch is hanged or frozen You can troubleshoot it by resetting it to company default setting.

It may possible that different ipod model have different method of resetting. But only one or two steps may very but by this method you can get idea how to reset  ipod.
When you reset the ipod all your data like music file are saved only some customized setting will be erased.

How to reset ipod touch multi touch display 8gb and 16 gb:
Here is the procedure to hard reset ipod touch 2nd generation.
First turn off ipod touch and then make sure ipod touch is charged or keep ipod connected to power supply before resetting ipod touch. This is applicable to all apple ipods resetting procedure. This will stop any difficulty which comes in middle of ipod touch resetting due to low battery.
Simultaneously Press and hold sleep / wake button at the top of ipod touch 2nd generation and home button just below the home screen. Hold both the button for 10 second until apple logo appears. This will hard reset your ipod touch 2nd generation 8gb and 16 gb to factory setting.
Reset ipod touch 1st generation and 3rd generation ipod touch resetting:
Follow the above procedure for resetting ipod touch 1st generation and 3rd generation.

Reset apple Ipod touch 6th generation 32 gb, 64gb and 128 gb :
It is advisable to connect your ipod touch 6th generation 32 gb, 64gb or 128 gb to computer via usb cable or plug in power connector while you are hard resetting your ipod touch 6 generation.
Now simultaneously press and hold home button- just adjacent to ipod touch usb socket and power button – at the top of your ipod. Hold both home and power button for 10 to 12 second. Once the apple logo appears release both power and home button. If apple logo does not appear then you should repeat the above procedure. This will hard reset ipod touch six generation to factory setting.

Ipod nano troubleshooting tips for reset
First charge the ipod nano if it is not fully charged.
Toggle the ipod nano hold switch on and then off. Do this for couple of times. This ipod nano tips tricks can also used if your ipod is frozen.
Press simultaneously and hold (6 second) menu and select key until apple logo display on screen. You may require doing this step few times.

iPod tips to reset ipod Shuffle 1st generation
1. Charge the ipod shuffle with power adaptor or USB port of computer.
2. Disconnect ipod from power supply or from computer.
3. If you are windows users then on taskbar choose safely remove USB mass storage device and disconnect the ipod from computer this will useful for ipod life.
4. Now off the ipod shuffle and wait for 5 second and again switch on back to play.
5. When iPod shuffle is off green bar below the switch will not be visible and when you switch on ipod green bar will be visible

more tips : Many ipod owner search on internet about how to transfer music from ipod. here is the steps for how to transfer music from ipod to itunes and from ipod to computer.
precaution:-when you connect ipod to computer make sure your ipod is switch off.

iPod tips to reset ipod Shuffle 2nd generation
fully charge your ipod
disconnect it from power supply or computer and remove ipod shuffle from dock.
Turn ipod power switch to off position
Wait for few second say 5 second
And now power on the ipod. Green bar will be visible.

Ipod tips to reset iPod Video 5th generation.
Switch on and then switch off HOLD switch (slide it to hold and off)
1. Simultaneously press Manu and select button and hold for 7 to 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears, it may require repeating this step.
How to reset an iPod Mini.
1. on and then off the hold switch Toggle the Hold switch
2. now press manu and select button at the same time and keep hold these switch for about 7 to 10 second until apple logo appear on screen and now release both switch.it may require to repeat this steps.
How to reset an iPod Click Wheel, 1st Gen, iPod Photo.
1. quickly toggle hold switch. Turn on hold mode and then turn off it.
2. now press Play\Pause and Menu switch at the same time and hold them for 7 to 10 second until iPod logo display on screen. You may need to repeat this step.
If ipod won’t reset Run iPod Diagnostics

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