Ipod Troubleshooting

Basic iPod Troubleshooting

It is difficult to explain ipod troubleshooting in single post. this explain only basic ipod troubleshooting. There is different post different ipod problem. here is ipod Error Messages troubleshooting.

If you are having problems with your iPod, try these troubleshooting steps:

As ipod is vary delicate instrument and it will give some problem here is do it yourself troubleshooting tips for ipods.

1 You fully charge your ipod battery before taking any troubleshooting step. This make sure that Ipod will not stop during troubleshooting process.

2 Check whether ipod hold switch is on or off. Many time user by mistake make ipod in hold posision soo ipod will not work. It shows lock symbol on ipod screen.

3. Reset your iPod. If you are unsure how to do this, follow these step
4. Plug your iPod into a different USB or FireWire port on your computer
5. Restart your computer
6. Make sure that you have the latest software updates installed
7. Reinstall your iPod and iTunes software. You can download the latest versions of iPod Updater and iTunes from Apple’s web site
8. Restore your iPod using the latest iPod Updater
Note: This will erase all songs and files on your iPod and restore it back to its original settings.

After restoring your iPod, you will need to transfer your music and files from your computer to your iPod

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