ipod error messages

ipod error messages and troubleshooting

this is about ipod errore message and steps to troubleshoot these error. I suggest you to read basic ipod Troubleshooting. Ipod is new device and there are many unknown error messages like “ipod cannot be synced, An unknown error has occurred”, ipod 1418 error or ipod 1429 error and it make user frustrate. ipod error messages whether it's ipod mini or ipod touch or ipod shuffle this is actually communication problem Some error are vary simple and easy to rectify here is solution for

ipod Error 1415, 1417, 1418, or 1428: it also display message that
“Cannot restore or update iPod in itune 7 or later”

Where this problem occurs :-

If you are using itunes 7 and you are updating or restoring you ipod., you may got some error message saying "An unknown error has occurred" it also followed by error number 1415, 1417, 1418, 1428 or 1429. this problem are common for itune u or later with ipod.


1) try to use different usb port or first remove any other USB Device that you have connected to the computer (don’t remove usb keyboard or usb mouse ). And then try different USB Port.
2) update your itune to the latest version or download the latest version and do fresh installation.
3. Try connecting your iPod to a different USB port and restore.
4) If you are using microsoft Windows operating system, then try to update your usb driver or reinstall Windows USB drivers.

If you have ipod shuffle then you need to use ipod reset utility to restore ipod.

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