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Ipod tips and tricks

Ipod tips to Rename your ipod

Open itune application
Select ipod from source list
Click ipod name again
Type new name and press enter
Your work done

Ipod Tips to manage songs and playlist

Open itune
In the source you will find your ipod
Open ipod properties.

In the summary tab
You will find options to "Manually manage music" or not. Consider to option

1)Automatically updating all songs and play lists.

in Automatic Update mode when you synchronize your ipod with pc then any modifications to playlists in iTunes will be precisely copied onto your iPod.

2)Manually manage music

If you select to manually manage your music, You need to manually select and drag the songs from computer to iPod icon in the itunes source list. The tracks in the song list no longer appear greyed-out .

Ipod tips for smart playlists

If you have collection of thousand song in your ipod then it will be time consuming to classify them. Itune has facility to automatically arrange this list.

Open file >> new smart playlist. They can group song on the basic of the same artist or song released year. Smart Playlists have a different icon to the normal playlist icon.

Right-click on any of Smart Playlists and select Edit Smart Playlist you can find the criteria used for selecting songs in smart playlist.
Ipod tips for How to use your iPod as a hard disk
You can use ipod in three way
1)Automatically update all your songs and playlist
In this mode itune have total control of your ipod and when you connect your ipod to computer then itune atomatically update all the tracks and playlist to ipod if you have many changes to itunes playlist. And during this data transfer if ipod display massage that “do not disconnect” on ipod screen.As if you remove ipod during the data transfer can damage your files.
• Manually manage music
In this mode you need to manually transfer all your songs and playlist from computer to ipod. Soo you have some control over itunes.
• Enable disk use
In disk use mode you can again transfer data to your iPod at any time. (Automatic update may or may not be disabled while in this mode).ipod will warn you all the time in later two mode with display massage that “do not disconnect” on ipod screen.

Ultimate fix for ipod repairing
If your iPod in a very bad condition not being detected by iTunes or displaying the dreaded "folder" or "sad iPod" icons if you have tried all ipod basic troubleshooting I mentioned and you have no success to solve the problem. Here is another solution
Here we delete everything in ipod and reinstall the ipod software this will solve if your ipod have software problem
To erase ipod in windows xp
Open my computer
You will find ipod drive
Right click on ipod and choose “Format”
Press start on open windows
To erase ipod in MAC OSX
• In OSX, in the Applications/Utilities folder You can find disk utilities
• inthe Disk Utility window select your ipod and press repair button
• then erase this will erase your ipod disk.

After doing all this you need to restore your ipod according to ipod model.

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