how to ipod lcd replacement instuctions

for first 10 steps of ipod lcd repair

11. Lift up the LCD screen. Now careful LCD screen is
connected with main mother board with ribbon cable connector with black
tab.. Flip up the black tab. The LCD screen ribbon cable should unlock

12. taken out the ipod LCD screen.
Now insert new LCD screen ribbon cable into the connector of main board,
and lock the black tab of ribbon cable
Now remove the protective film (which is used to avoid scratch in packing
of LCD screen) from the LCD screen.
15 . Slide the LCD screen back on to the main board and you you need to
follow reverse steps as while you have open the ipod
16. Carefully push the main board back into the case.17. Push the battery
where it was. How to replace Nano battery.
18. Reinsert the 3 screws,be sure one with the coarse thread goes in the
middle, and the 2 with fine thread go near the bottom.

19. Make sure all the tiny metal tabs on the case are pushed down so
they're aligned with the case surface and not sticking up.

20. Make sure hold switch is aligned with the case, then snap the iPod

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