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Ipod tips and tricks

Ipod tips to Rename your ipod

Open itune application
Select ipod from source list
Click ipod name again
Type new name and press enter
Your work done

Ipod Tips to manage songs and playlist

Open itune
In the source you will find your ipod
Open ipod properties.

In the summary tab
You will find options to "Manually manage music" or not. Consider to option

1)Automatically updating all songs and play lists.

in Automatic Update mode when you synchronize your ipod with pc then any modifications to playlists in iTunes will be precisely copied onto your iPod.

2)Manually manage music

If you select to manually manage your music, You need to manually select and drag the songs from computer to iPod icon in the itunes source list. The tracks in the song list no longer appear greyed-out .

Ipod tips for smart playlists

If you have collection of thousand song in your ipod then it will be time consuming to classify them. Itune has facility to automatically arrange this list.

Open file >> new smart playlist. They can group song on the basic of the same artist or song released year. Smart Playlists have a different icon to the normal playlist icon.

Right-click on any of Smart Playlists and select Edit Smart Playlist you can find the criteria used for selecting songs in smart playlist.
Ipod tips for How to use your iPod as a hard disk
You can use ipod in three way
1)Automatically update all your songs and playlist
In this mode itune have total control of your ipod and when you connect your ipod to computer then itune atomatically update all the tracks and playlist to ipod if you have many changes to itunes playlist. And during this data transfer if ipod display massage that “do not disconnect” on ipod screen.As if you remove ipod during the data transfer can damage your files.
• Manually manage music
In this mode you need to manually transfer all your songs and playlist from computer to ipod. Soo you have some control over itunes.
• Enable disk use
In disk use mode you can again transfer data to your iPod at any time. (Automatic update may or may not be disabled while in this mode).ipod will warn you all the time in later two mode with display massage that “do not disconnect” on ipod screen.

Ultimate fix for ipod repairing
If your iPod in a very bad condition not being detected by iTunes or displaying the dreaded "folder" or "sad iPod" icons if you have tried all ipod basic troubleshooting I mentioned and you have no success to solve the problem. Here is another solution
Here we delete everything in ipod and reinstall the ipod software this will solve if your ipod have software problem
To erase ipod in windows xp
Open my computer
You will find ipod drive
Right click on ipod and choose “Format”
Press start on open windows
To erase ipod in MAC OSX
• In OSX, in the Applications/Utilities folder You can find disk utilities
• inthe Disk Utility window select your ipod and press repair button
• then erase this will erase your ipod disk.

After doing all this you need to restore your ipod according to ipod model.

use multiple ipod on same computer

How to use multiple ipod on same computer

Now a day ipod is vary common. Everyone using ipod and its most common to use more than one ipod on single or same computer.

But one important setting you have to make when you are using more than one ipod on single computer. If you have set you ipod auto sync then you will have to change it to manually add song to each ipod. As you can not auto sync more than one ipod to single computer.

Now plug you ipod to computer
At the bottom right of itune there are 2 symbols
One is for ipod eject and another option for TURN OF AUTO sync.
Turn of auto sync.

That’s all you can now use more then 1 ipod on same pc.

One more suggestion is if you log in with different user on same pc you can manage two different libraries. That means two person log in with different user can have their own music library.

howto use ipod world clock function

If you have ipod nano and playing with your ipod you will find new features world clock. As this feature indicate at has entire world timing and it is useful for a person who travels a lot to different countries. World clock is vary easy to use. You just set the time and you can see the current time for different location at once.

And one more additional features is it changes color for day and night. If you see the photo London time in black it means its evening six. That mean for day time clock background is white and for evening and night time clock background is black. So it make it easier to understand different time zone.

you can also set alarms for different time zone and this world clock feature is available only with new ipod nano and other ipods..

Ipod resources

Here is the best collection of important blogs and sites about ipod tips and ipod troubleshooting. And guide about various ipod configuration and how to ipod in details. Purpose of this resource page is to introduce stuff to the visitors.

copy songs from mediaplayer to ipod

Transfer music songs from Windows media player to ipod

As media player is mostly used player for music but it is not compatible with ipod. So first question for ipod owner is how to transfer music from Windows Media Player to Ipod?

There are lots of buzz about media player to ipod song transfer. How to transfer song from media player to ipod. but the real fact that you can not transfer songs music from media player to ipod directly .But here is some ipod tips that you can use to transfer music from media player to ipod.
Copy songs to your computer and right click on that song.
Now go the the property of that song and change the 'opens with' setting from media player to Itunes.
Another ipod tricks is right click on that song and select the tab “open with”
Now select the itune from the list.
That all you have done it.

howto find ipod free space remaining

Connect ipod to computer. Now open my computer select ipod and click on file and click on properties.
If iPod is connected to your computer, you can use the Finder to see how much space is left. Select iPod's icon on the desktop and choose Show Info from the File menu.

Follow the steps below to see how much space is left on your iPod.

Software version 1.0
Select About from the main menu

Software version 1.1
1. Select Settings from the main menu.
2. Select Info.
Software 1.2 to 1.2.6
Select About from the main menu.

iPod Software 1.3 or later, and 2.0 and later
1. Select Settings from the main menu.
2. Select About.

some tips to make more free space on ipod. Ipod support many audio format.
AIFF or WAV format use more space compare to MP3 format. When you import music from a CD using iTunes, it is converted to MP3 format by default.

Thank to apple.com

how to Turn off ipod

how to turn off ipod of diffrent types

how to turn off ipod nano

press and hold the play/ pause button for few second it will turn of the ipod nano. To turn on ipod simply press any key.

Turn off iPod Shuffle

in ipod shuffle you will find green stripe just back side of the switch move the switch so that green stripe is not visible. When green stripe is not visible ipod shuffle is turned off. To turn on iPod shuffle, move the switch on the back to play or the shuffle position. And green stripe will be visible.

In simple word to turn off ipod shuffle - you simply put the slider on the back to the up position.

How to Turn Off a Video iPod
holding a play/pause button for few second wil turn off a video ipod.

If you bought new Video iPod and don’t know much about ipod then you may be looking for on/off switch. But there is no exactly on/off button on video ipod.
Then you ask how I turn off video ipod.
It does not work with on /off but either awake or asleep.
The iPod doesn’t work in terms of on and off. Instead it only deals in awake or asleep.
If you stop playing ipod and put it in ideal condition then its screen starts dim and then become black it means ipod in sleep mode soo it will consume less battery power.
You can manually make ipod in sleep condition by holding down play/pause button for few seconds. T
The hold switch is at the top of the Video iPod near the headphone jack. Turn it on so ipod will not accidentally wake from sleep and this will save power of battery and when you want to use ipod again turn it on again. Sometime it require to toggle hold switch to.

Ipod Troubleshooting

Basic iPod Troubleshooting

It is difficult to explain ipod troubleshooting in single post. this explain only basic ipod troubleshooting. There is different post different ipod problem. here is ipod Error Messages troubleshooting.

If you are having problems with your iPod, try these troubleshooting steps:

As ipod is vary delicate instrument and it will give some problem here is do it yourself troubleshooting tips for ipods.

1 You fully charge your ipod battery before taking any troubleshooting step. This make sure that Ipod will not stop during troubleshooting process.

2 Check whether ipod hold switch is on or off. Many time user by mistake make ipod in hold posision soo ipod will not work. It shows lock symbol on ipod screen.

3. Reset your iPod. If you are unsure how to do this, follow these step
4. Plug your iPod into a different USB or FireWire port on your computer
5. Restart your computer
6. Make sure that you have the latest software updates installed
7. Reinstall your iPod and iTunes software. You can download the latest versions of iPod Updater and iTunes from Apple’s web site
8. Restore your iPod using the latest iPod Updater
Note: This will erase all songs and files on your iPod and restore it back to its original settings.

After restoring your iPod, you will need to transfer your music and files from your computer to your iPod

howto change ipod language

if your ipod language accidentally is changed to some unknown language. And you want to change it back to English or your local language. then first you need to go to the main manu.
Disconnect your iPod from pc, then press the Menu button until the menu title says "iPod," regardless of the language displayed. This means you are at the main menu.

now depending on type of you pod
for iPod nano or Fifth Generation iPod :
1. Scroll down to the last menu option but don't select it.
2. Scroll up one menu item. That is Settings.
3. Press the Center (Select) button. You are at the Settings menu.
4. Scroll down to the last menu option but don't select it; in English, this is the "Reset All Settings" option.
5. Scroll up to the third menu item from the bottom one. This should be Language.
6. Press the Center button
7. Select language English .
2. If you have an older iPod with color display (including iPod photo)
1. Scroll to the fourth menu item in the screen and press the Center (Select) button. This takes you to the Settings menu.
2. Scroll down to the last menu option but don't select it; in English, this is the "Reset All Settings" option.
3. Scroll up to the third menu item from the bottom one. This should be Language.
4. Press the Center button to select Language.
5. Select your preferred language from the list.

If your iPod has a monochrome display (black and white):
6. Scroll to the third menu item in the screen and press the Center (Select) button. This takes you to the Settings menu.
7. Scroll down to the last menu option but don't select it; in English, this is the "Reset All Settings" option.
8. Scroll up to the third menu item from the bottom one. This should be Language.
9. Press the Center button to select Language.
10. Select your preferred language from the list.

If above method not able to reset you ipod language to English. Then reset your ipod may solve you problem. But if you ipod have some problem and your not able to get back to your original language then restore you ipod is only solution to troubleshoot this problem.
Note: Restoring your iPod will erase all information and return it to factory condition.

thank to apple.com

howto run iPod Diagnostic Mode

How to enable put iPod Diagnostic Mode

Each ipod has in built features for self test. This test determines that your ipod need to repair or it has less serious problem and you can solve problem by yourself. You can test hardware like click wheel and USB port working or not, hard disk, memory etc.

Diagnostic for ipod Video, ipod Nano Diagnostic, ipod

Note: These diagnostic tests will not affect ipod data or any configuration setting. While you are doing this test it is advisable to plug ipod to charging as some test use lots of power

To switch on this diagnostics mode:
Simultaneously press “Manu” and “Select” button and hold them for 10 second until ipod logo appear on screen.

When ipod logo appears on screen you fill hard disk spinning. Now quickly press "REW" and "Select" button and hold this switch. Ipod will chirp and the Apple logo should appear backwards. Now you are in diagnostic mode.

If you want to run following test in manual mode then press Manu
And I you want to run test in auto mode then press Back button.
If you want to cancel any test just press Manu button before starting that test.

In Auto test mode following test will:
Graphic self test, SDRAMQuicktest , RTC , USB test, Accessory Test, color,
Key test, Wheel test, Backlight Color

Memory tests IPod's SDRAM, IRAM and FLASH memory both read and write.

IRAM: it takes long time to start test and rebooting your ipod.
Wheel: This take two test Keypad test and Wheel test. During key test press each key once.
IO Comms: input and output communication. Tests iPod USB port, FireWire and Remote. If the Remote is not connected to your iPod during the test, you can get NG (no good) for headphone port.

LCD: This has two tests Backlight and Color.

Headphone Detect: This test checks the Hold Switch and Headphone port.
Hard Drive: it has four tests and uses lots of power
HDSpecs: - everything from hard drive temperature to serial number all about harddisck specification.
HDScan -it Scans your iPod's hard drive and determines if it is fragmented. It will take a few minutes so be patient.
HDSMARTData : – used by technicians for repairing.
HDRW :- this test read and write functionality of hard drive if it fails means hard drive need to be replaced.
Audio: it has two tests speaker test and MIC tests.

Syscfg for System Configuration
It provides information about iPod's hardware version, serial numbers, and part number. This information is need if you give your ipod for repair to service center