Merge combine sms database of two iphone ipad

How to merge sms of two iphone / ipad, transfer only sms from old iphone to new iphone and how to merge combine sms text msgs of two ipad iphone without restoring ipad iphone.

                       Here I will explain few ideas about how to transfer only sms, text messages from iphone to another iphone / ipad. Or how to merge sms of two different iphones / ipad without restoreing iphone or restoring ipad. For ipad/ iphone sms merging without using any software, you need good knowledge of sql. 

Why you need to merge combine sms, text messages, imessages and of two different iphone.

                  You have bought new iphone and you started using your new iphone. After 2 months you realize that you forgot to transfer your old iphone messages, sms, mms, imessages and other data to new iphone. Now a days sms are stored on iphone messaging app and not on sim card.

                         Iphone ipad has built in messaging application. Imessages is mainly used when you are sending messages to another iphone. This is built in apple instant messaging application. All sms text messages are stored under this application. This app use sql database to store and index all your mms, sms text messages data.

Before continue to this manual way to combine sms of two iphone and merge sms of two different ipad. I provide you one trick for sms merging.

                         Someone suggest me this tricks and it says that you can merge sms of two different iphone /ipad by this method without restoring iphone. This method better work for mac computer and you can try for windows computer also. Before you try this tricks I suggest to take backup of both iphone so it anything goes wrong, we can restore original data on iphone.

-          Now open apple menu on your mac computer -then go to system preference on apple menu – click on icloud – then login with your apple id and make sure you keep same apple id for your both iphones. That means your both iphone are listed under your single apple user id.

      -           Select service like messages on icloud.

      -          Now restore your new iphone from your old iphone backup. So now on your new iphone you have transferred sms text messages, imessages and all data from your old iphone.

     -          Now you need to merge sms of your new iphone that are on icloud to your new iphone.

     -          It is said that your messages are kept by your account.

    -          Keep connected with internet. Now go to your icloud setting and turn off text messages.
    -          This will display notification that now your sms text messages are kept on iphone now.

    -          Now again turn on text messages sms on icloud setting of your new iphone on which you have restore backup of your old one iphone. This will merge sms text messages of icloud and iphone.

                                             Do comment me, does it really merge the sms of two different iphone or not. Does this sms merging tricks works on windows computer or not. By icloud you can merge contact, calendar and media information into one itune library. And you can sync your new iphone from this itune library.

                               You can try both sms merging method for merging mms, imessages, sms of iphone5, iphone 5c iphone 5s with sms, mms and imessages of iphone6, iphone 6s, iphone 6 s plus, ipad and iphone se. you can also merge combine sms, mms, imessages of ipad pro, ipad air, ipad mini with sms of ipad pro, ipad air, ipad mini and iphone. Here is the way  to transfer iphone sms database to another iphone ipad without merging. This method require to restore iphone /ipad.

How to merge sms text messages of two iphones /ipads without software and how to combine imessages of two iphones / ipad from sql database without restoring .

                Location of mms,sms, text messages  stored on iphone ipad and location of imessages on iphone ipad are

-Private /var / mobile / library / sms/. And under this sms folder find sms.db file this is your sms database file stored at iphone / ipad using sql. This is the comman location of sms text messages stored on ios devices.

                            On os x system imessages, sms and text messages are stored under folder library / messages. This sms, imessages are stored with sql database.

On windows computer and mac computer location of iphone backup data.

                   On windows computer there are user / admin or username / appdata / roaming / apple computer /mobilesync / backup. There is a sms,mms, imessages and text messages  are also backup  under this backup file.

                     On different windows operating system like windows 10, windows8, windows7, windows vista ,xp, location of backup file is different. So simple way to find location of backup file on all windows operating system, is find application data folder by typing %appdata% at run command prompt. This will open new window - under that folder find apple computer folder- insider that apple computer folder -your iphone backup stored.

On mac computer find the library/ application support / mobilesync / backup.

                            Itune create unique id file name for each backup of apple device. And there is a separate folder for each apple devices which are backed up by itunes. Each backup file has long file name having number and character and this backup file have extension of meta data /.mddata or .mdbackup.

                             You can find many free tools like sqllite browser which can open this backup file and sms.db file. From which you can export your sms into pdf or word file. Now export your first iphone sms to pdf file and also export sms of your second iphone to pdf and merge those pdf file and copy that sms file to your new iphone/ ipad. So you can at least have both iphone sms on one iphone.

                                   Now import sms.db files from both iphone or ipad. These are the sms, imessages database file of your both iphones.

Here are the main files for sms merging. You can find these files at var/ mobile / library /sms/. You must take ownership of each file for merging tempering those files.

1) sms-legacy.db

2) sms.db               -  this is actual sms database on iphone/ ipad. It has following data table
Sqllite3 Database property,
msg group,
group member,
 msg piece and
message – your actual text messages are stored at this data table.

There are many tools which can read and open sms.db file which can understand by human.

3) sms.db-shm and sms.db-wal.          This two file used for indexing many sms, mms, so that they can be easily accessible and for searching the sms if you enter the sim mobile number it will index the all sms from that number.
Sms.db-shm is temporary file created by sqllite.  Sms.db-wal is write ahead log file which is created by sql.

4) Attachment folder. This kept all the attachment for all your sms, mms and imessages.
5) Draft folder

                     In sms.db file has data table. Now if you have same ios on both iphone then both the sms.db file has same data table.  Now there are sqllite program which can import data table from one db file to another. So here you import data table from one iphone sms.db file to another. Even there are many sql program tool which can merge database of multiple files into single database file. So you can merge two sms.db file by using sql command for merging two databases into single database. That is sms.db file of iphone5 and sms.db file of iphone6.  So just find command for sqllite3 for copy one database to another database or merging two databases into single database. There are also many free scripts available for merging two databases into single database.

                     Once you created merged sms.db file sync your iphone with itunes or icloud with this file.  Restore iphone with this meged sms file.

Iphone sms transfer to iphone ipad

Transfer sms messages from one iphone to another iphone, copy text message mms, imessages, data between two iphones and how to transfer sms text msg from old ipad to new ipad.

Iphone sms transferring can be done by two ways. 

First method: you take back up of your old iphone to computer by itunes,icloud, dropbox or any cloud storage. Then you restore your new iphone / ipad with old iphone’s back up. In this method you can transfer your sms from iphone to another iphone but this will erase all data of your new iphone. Many time it happen that you bought new iphone and started to use it then after one month you realize that you want to combine sms, mms, imessages and text messages of your old iphone to new iphone. As it is not possible that your carry your both iphone with you. In this method you transfer all of your iphone data to another iphone / ipad.

Second method:  you merge sms of two iphone to one iphone. Or you combine sms of two ipad /iphone to one iphone /ipad without restoring your iphone / ipad. This method is used when you want to transfer only sms, text messages between two iphone or you want to copy only sms text messages from one iphone to another iphone.  I have created separate post for how to merge combine sms, text messages of two different iphone / ipad. By that method you can transfer only sms text messages from one iphone to another iphone or you can move sms mms from old ipad to another new ipad.

Steps for how to transfer sms from iphone / ipad to another iphone / ipad. How to move sms text messages of old ipad/ iphone to new iphone / ipad.

                 This method is  applicable for transferring sms text messages from iphone 5, iphone 5s, iphone 5c  to iphone6, iphone 6s, iphone se and iphone 6s plus. You can also use for copying sms from ipad pro, ipad air, ipad mini to ipad pro, ipad air, ipad mini and iphone ipod.

Step 1. Connect your old one iphone/ ipad to computer.  Ipad / Iphone should appear in this pc or my computer.

Step 2. Open itunes. Itunes found iphone / ipad in device tab.

Step 3. On left hand side column of itunes – select the old one iphone / ipad from which you want to move sms, text messages, mms and data to another new iphone.

Step 4.  Now you will make back up of your iphone. You can make backup of iphone by itunes and icloud.

-To take ipad/ iphone backup by icloud:
You need to connect your iphone /ipad to wifi internet.
-Once your iphone connected to internet.  Unlock your iphone screen.
- Tap on iphone setting- tap on icloud – turn on icloud backup- then tap on backup now.

After completion of backup, iphone backup will appear in storage – manage device –device name your iphone name.

Take iphone ipad back up by itunes:

-As you have connected iphone to computer and you have opened itunes - on left hand side you will find your iphone / ipad and all connected ios devices. Select iphone / ipad from which you want to copy sms to another iphone ipad.

-  Click on summary tab. On right hand side you will find the options as show in below image. Automatically backup on this computer and icloud and manual backup and restore. It also shows that when you have last backed up your iphone ipad.

- Click on backup now.
- you will find all your back up of itunes here- open itunes – click on edit menu – click on preferences – click on device tab – this will provide you the list of all back up on your computer itunes library.

Step 5. Now connect another new iphone / ipad on which your want to transfer sms text messages from your old iphone / ipad.

 Step 6. Now open itunes.  Select the new iphone on which you are moving sms, mms from old iphone.

Step 7.  Now click on summary tab. Now  click on restore backup or right click on your new one iphone /ipad on which you are transferring sms from your another old iphone / ipad. Then select restore from back up.

Step 8. This will provide the list of backup.  You should select backup of your old iphone and restore the new one iphone with old iphone backup. This will restore contact, calendar, notes, text messages and setting on new iphone and this will not restore firmware.
 This will wipe out all data on your new iphone.

Step 9. It will take few minute to restore iphone. Keep iphone connected to computer until it restarts and sync with computer.

Step 10. Disconnect your iphone from computer and check the messaging app. You will successfully transferred sms to your iphone.