how to put songs in order on ipod

As you list grow you may feel difficult to arrange song and you would like to arrange song alphabetical in ipod. It is vary easy to put songs in order on ipod but it is vary difficult to explain how to put songs in order on ipod. And believe me its vary difficult to find solution about how to arrange songs in alphabetical on internet. That’s why I created this post. “How to put songs in alphabetic order on iPod”

First method To put songs in order on ipod
First create and arrange playlist as songs play the way you entered them to playlist. Now transfer playlist to your ipod. To do that, look for the iPod sync management window and now select the play lists you want to transfer to your iPod. Drag and drop it. I am sure this method will work but if you don’t find this method useful then try this.

Second method To arrange song alphabetically on ipod
In this method you have to give the artist, album name, the genre and the songs all written and spelled correctly. This has to be done for all songs If you hadn't done for all your songs, then do it now. And make sure do it in future.

After you have done this, you have to hit the tab on top to list by genre, album or list by singer.
There's something called track number of song. And make sure all the songs have the same track number to arrange them alphabetically.
Now transfer song to ipod. It will be arranged by alphabetical order. Even after this two method you find difficulty then also check the following thing.

Under the file manu open get info option

If you notice the "Disc Number" boxes – It should say 1 of 1. If you have set it like this, then order of your play list within iTunes – will reflect onto your ipod.

Now Select the artist, album that you want to put in order on ipod, or a custom order.
Go to File and open Get Info tab.

following pop up message box will appear,

Click Yes.
That will then bring you to the Multiple Song Information dialog box, as pictured earlier, where you can make sure the "Disc Number" boxes are filled in with the number 1.
When you select get info you have to do it for entire album not for single song.

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