Howto replace install iPod Nano battery yourself

How to replace your iPod Nano battery yourself.
ipod battery replacement how to install and replace ipod battery for ipod nano. step by step guide to change or removal of battery to solve battery problems. proceduce for battery replace is simmilary for diffrent type of ipod like ipod mini ,name or shuffle 2.
Requirement for battery replacement:
2 nylon tools. Never use metal tools they will damage your ipod case. Before doing this first read this post carefully and study the photos and then start opening ipod when you have enough confidence.

1. first power off your iPod

2. Hold the iPod flat, with its face up, and insert
the blade of the round-handled tool (green tool as shown in the figure)between the metal back and the acrylic lip of the iPod, a few centimeters from the top right side of the iPod, this will create space to insert another tool

3. now Insert the other tool and rotate it as inserted round the edge of the iPod so this will separate metal back and upper body.

NOTE: iPod may not separate easily. Keep trying

4. flip the iPod over so the metal back is face up.

5. remove the back cover.

6. Now battery is connected by 3 wire which are soldered to the ipod. Cut the wires(by knife or scissors) connecting the old battery to the iPod.
Make the cut closer to the battery.

7. and remove the old battery

NOTE: now you need to connect new battery with ipod.
That means you need to connect three wires (most probably color of white,
orange and black color wire) of new battery with three wire to ipod. You
need to strip off the wire use stripper and be careful do not cut the
cable. For newbie – you strip some wire and twist them together. I feel
that for most people, the stripping-and-twisting method is less risky
than using a soldering iron. While twisting the cable just match the same
colour of cable and twist them. Put a bit of ordinary scotch tape around
each pair as shown in the picture. Also make sure all exposed wire is
covered with scotch tape. While other way of connecting three cable is
soldering. If you have the right tools and is comfortable soldering very
small electronic parts. You can try soldering.

see image

see inside of ipod

11. Lay the wires flat on the main board, make sure none exposed parts of the wires are not touching the main board.

12. Align hold switch of the ipod with the case, then snap the iPod together.

13. Now fully charge your new battery before using it. Turn on your iPod.
You have replaced your battery do it yourselft ipod repair.

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