Transfer Songs Music Pc to Iphone Ipad

Transfer music, mp3, songs album from computer to iphone ipad for free

To transfer music songs mp3 from computer to iphone /ipad or ios devices you need itunes software.
1. First install itunes on your computer.

2. Now connect iphone or ipad to your computer to which you want to transfer music video songs from computer.

3. iphone ipad will be detected by computer itunes. If iphone ipod does not recognize by computer or not found under my computer then check usb cable and make sure you have installed and updated itunes.  Now open itunes.
           Now you can either sync your iphone with itunes and transfer entire music library to phone but this will delete music video songs on iphone / ipad. So any existing music songs mp3 library, movies video or photo album will be replaced with itune library.

4. But you want to manually adding music songs album to iphone / ipad so you can keep existing music on your iphone and you can add songs music to iphone library.

5. Now open itunes – click on devices now select iphone / ipad on which you want to transfer music – now click on summary tab – on right side you will see option tab. This option tab is below to iphone restore or backup tab.

6. Under options tab select manually manage music and videos and apply changes. Without this option drag and drop of music mp3 and video to iphone ipad will not work.

7. Now under itune click on itune library – music now select mp3 songs music and drag and drop on your iphone / ipad music. And you music album is successfully transferred to iphone. By this ipod iphone tips you can also transfer video films from computer to iphone.

8. but if your music songs are not in itunes library then how to transfer music to iphone.

9.  For that first add songs or add music album or playlist folder to itunes library.   Open itunes -Click on file then add file to library or add folder to library and browse path to your songs playlist file or folder and add it to library. Then you can transfer music playlist to ipad or iphone. This way you can also transfer video films from computer to iphone. Here is how to transfer music songs from iphone to computer without using any paid software. Keep in mind process for transferring music from iphone to computer and computer to iphone are different it is not same. From computer to iphone transfer you can drag and drop but reverse is not possible.  And I have added post about how to troubleshoot iphone stuck at apple logo or iphone start in recovery mode and ipad iphone does not turn on. That helps you to troubleshoot many ipad iphone problem.

Free Transfer music from computer to ipad iphone without using itunes software or any paid software.

                           Location of music on your iphone ipad is root folder /private/var/mobile/Media/. Under this media folder all your music video are stored. And photo album or video you have taken from your iphone ipad camera are stored under dcim folder.

                   Now connect your iphone or ipad to computer via usb cable. Also install apple mobile device usb driver on your computer. Now this will recognize your iphone as external media device in this pc. If ipad iphone does not found in my computer then check under device and scanner.
                  But windows use different file system and apple ios devices use different file system. So you are not able to browse iphone / ipad files and folder. You need to install ios root explorer or file explorer on your computer there are many software apps are available on play store and internet. Install it on your computer so now you can brose iphone folder and so copy music from your computer and paste it on iphone folder /private/var/mobile/Media folder.

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