Ipad Iphone Troubleshooting Guide

Iphone ipad problem troubleshooting guide

In this post I will guide you how to do iphone ipad troubleshooting. You can use this method for iphone hang or freeze, application close automatically, iphone ipad restart while you are working or iphone shutdown automatically, iphone ipad working slow and hang, iphone hang while playing video or movie and iphone start in recovery mode.

1) Restart your iphone  or ipad: press and hold power button and when you see slide to power off. Power off iphone ipad. And then again power on your iphone ipad. This will solve problem like ipad / iphone occasionally not responding or apps not responding on iphone.

2) Reboot or force restart ipad or iphone :  To force restart iphone or ipad. Press and hold power and volume button on iphone 7 / 7+ and press and hold power and home button on ipad / iphone 6 / ipod touch for ten second until you see apple logo then release both the button, iphone ipad reboot in normal mode. This can fix problem like iphone hanging, ipad apps not responding or ipad iphone freeze stuck, app close automatically.

3) Start iphone in safe mode: safe mode only work in jailbreak iphone ipad. So it does not work will all apple devices. This ipad iphone tips is not for all models.
            Press power button to start your iphone ipad and when apple logo on screen release power button and press and hold volume up button for around 1 minute or so. Now ipad iphone start in safe mode that means iphone load only default apps that are installed with new iphone. And so you can remove or uninstall apps which you have installed on new iphone. This mode is helpful when apps are not responding or apps cause iphone freeze or stuck or iphone shutdown and restart automatically. 

4) Use crash log for troubleshooting iphone ipad hardware software problems:
When you sync iphone to computer itunes. Log file of iphone ipad transfer to itunes computer. This also transfer crash report of your iphone / ipad or ios devices. This iphone ipad tips is very useful for ipad / iphone troubleshooting.

On iphone / ipad – go to iphone setting – privacy- diagnostics and usage – diagnostics and usage data. Here you can see all logs files on your iphone. On windows xp, windows vista, windows 7 or windows 10 computer you can find crash log file at

C:\documents and settings\admin or log in username\application data\ apple computer\logs\ crash reporter\mobile device\ your device name folder \ log file list.  Here you can see many log file which are generated because of error or failure of hardware or software crash or any kind of error generated due to malfunction of your iphone or ipad.

On mac computer: root directory or home directory \library \log\crashreporter\mobile device\ your apple device name.

            Use crash reporter tool or xcode tool for crash log file reading. This tool convert log file in understandable language. So you can find why your apple iphone stuck at apple logo. Whether problem is software or firmware level or it is hardware problem.  Even when your display not responding or there is some hardware issue log generated. Does any app crashed and due to that iphone or ipad stuck or hang. This log file are useful for troubleshooting when your iphone freeze or working very slow compare to normal speed while playing movies or songs.  Apps close automatically or iphone restart or power off automatically, a log file created for this error.

5) Reset iphone or ipad :
How to reset iphone / ipad or ios devices :  go to iphone setting – general – reset  there are 3 way of resetting iphone ipad.
      -1. Reset all setting -      this will reset all setting of your iphone ipad to factory default. But this will not delete any data on your iphone or ipad.

      -2. erase all content and setting  -      this will delete content like music  songs video,  contact list, address book, apps  etc. so take backup before going for this option or transfer iphone ipad music ,songs mp3, photos and video to computer or another iphone ipad.

                     This will help to fix iphone working slow, iphone hang or stuck while playing music video or games, iphone working slow, iphone sync problem and iphone hang or freeze. Here is how to troubleshoot iphone stuck at apple logo screen without losing data. Resetting can also fix ipad iphone sound related problem.
         -3. Reset network setting  :  this will fix network related problem of your iphone ipad. This will reset all wifi setting to factory default and all internet network related setting. You need to reconfigure all setting after that. This solve your wifi related problem on iphone. Iphone wifi not working or email problem on your iphone ipad.

6) Restore iphone for troubleshooting: if none of above can solve your iphone problem then go for iphone ipad restoring. Restoring will delete all data on your iphone or ipad including music , films , photo gallery, iphone library apps and contact address list so transfer all your iphone data music video to computer or icloud before restoring iphone. Here is how to restore iphone without losing data. You can restore iphone by recovery mode or dfu mode and you can also restore iphone from your backup on itunes and icloud.

 Restoring iphone / ipad can solve many problems like iphone stuck at logo screen, iphone start in recovery mode, iphone hang or freeze and iphone ipad working slow.

Restore via recovery mode : to enter into recovery mode of ipad or iphone, open itunes and connect your ipad to computer via usb cable. Press and hold power and home button simultaneously, keep holding button until you see itunes logo usb port on your ipad screen or you will get below pop up message on your computer.
‘there is problem with your iphone , device name iphone that requires it to be updated or restored’.
               First update your ipad if this cannot solve your problem then go for ipad /iphone restoring.
Restoring via dfu mode: dfu mode allow you to install older version of ios also.  So if you have upgraded your ipad or iphone to latest version of ios and your iphone ipad working very slow or it hang or stuck while working then install older version of ios on your iphone. So that your problem can be fix. In recovery mode you can install only latest version of ios.

To enter into iphone / ipad dfu mode, connect ipad to computer, open itunes, press and hold power and home button of your ipad for ten to twelve seconds then release power button but keep holding home button. Until you see below popup message on your computer. Keep in mind ipad screen remain blank during all the time if you get itune logo or apple logo on screen then you are in recovery mode not in dfu mode.
‘Itune has detected iphone in recovery mode. You must restore this iphone before It can be used with itunes.

Troubleshoot iphone won’t turn on : there many reason why iphone ipad would not power on. Remove battery and reinsert battery again. Clean 3 battery point connector on pcb and also check digitizer of your iphone or ipad. Here is detail guide about ipad  / iphone won’t power on giving beep sound. Also try different battery on your iphone ipad and then turn on your ipad or iphone. There may be issue with hardware of your iphone.
Ipad or iphone sound problem troubleshooting: first restart your iphone. Then reset all setting of your iphone / ipad. Then clean mice and speaker hole for dust. They are on outer body of your ipad iphone.  Turn off Bluetooth on your iphone ipad as it may detect any Bluetooth headphone or speaker and pair itself.

Ipad iphone does not recognize by computer itunes :
Many time when you connect your iphone to computer to transfer music video photo and contact list to computer. But computer does not recognize iphone  / ipad. So first check usb cable of ipad, I suggest to use original cable. Then install apple mobile device usb driver on your computer. Also update your itunes to latest version. Here is how to fix iphone does not recognize by computer itunes. In this post I have explained 7 reasons for ipad iphone not found by computer.

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