Transfer Contact Ipad Iphone to Iphone Ipad

How to transfer contact address list from ipad to iphone  / ipad or  moving old iphone ipad contact number to another new iphone ipad without using any paid software.

                     There are many way you can transfer only contacts from your ipad / iphone to another iphone / ipad /ios device or computer. You can use icloud, itune gmail and outlook for sync and transferring contact from your old ipad / iphone to new iphone. Even you can merge your old iphone / ipad contact with your new iphone / ipad or ios devices.

              You can use airdrop for transferring only contact from ipad to iphone in no time. You can also sms or use imessage to transfer mobile number list from iphone to iphone and even you can use whatsapp for transferring contact list, phone number from ipad / iphone to another iphone / ipad or computer.  By airdrop you can transfer iphone music, video songs, movies, apps  and calendar also.

Procedure 1) Transfer  address book contact from iphone to another iphone using icloud.

                      Now log in with your apple id on your iphone. Now on your old ipad / iphone go to setting – icloud – then turn on contact – now backup your iphone on icloud. This will transfer all your iphone data including music, mp3 playlist, photos , pictures and addressbook contact. Now if you restore iphone with this old ipad / iphone backup then your old iphone data transferred to new iphone but this will delete data on your new iphone and it replace data with you old iphone this also transfer your old ipad / iphone contact to new iphone.

                       But if you want to transfer only contact from your ipad / iphone to another iphone then. Log in to icloud using same apple id you have used on iphone or ipad. Then click on contact – select all -then click on setting at lower left side and then export vcard. This will export your contact list – mobile number list to vcard file. Now using your email and send mail to another email .Now open your email id on your new iphone or ipad. Then open email with vcard file. And open that attachment now you will be prompted to import those vcard data to your iphone click yes and all your contact will be transfer to new iphone. This way you can transfer only contact from iphone to iphone or ipad to ipad .

Procedure 2)Ipad to iphone contact list transfer using airdrop.
                  Airdrop is preinstalled app on iphone/ ipad and ios devices. You can use airdrop for transferring ipad contacts to iphone / ipad / ios devices or mac computer.  You can also transfer video songs, mp3, movies, pictures from iphone to iphone ipad using airdrop. This is very useful app when you want to transfer selected number list from iphone ipad instead of transferring entire contact address book.

               For that open control center on your ipad iphone. There you can see airdrop, if airdrop is not turn on, then turn on Bluetooth and wifi on your ipad or iphone. Airdrop use both Bluetooth and wifi and it can transfer contact music and video within the range of Bluetooth and wifi. Now open contact, then select contact that you want to transfer from iphone, then at bottom side tap on share and then choose airdrop.  Now you will see the list of nearby ios devices, select the iphone to which you want to transfer your contact and then send. Now on another iphone you will get popup message that accept or decline content from other iphone. Tap on accept and your contact is transferred to another iphone.  Here is how to transfer music from iphone to computer. Airdrop can used to transfer music, video, pictures and app from ipad / iphone to another iphone ipad.

Procedure 3) Ipad / iphone contact transfer to ipad or iphone using itunes.
  Here what we do is we first sync ipad or iphone with itunes from which we want to transfer contact to another iphone. Process is similar to how we sync music from iphone to itunes. 
      1.     Open itunes on your computer.
      2.     Connect your ipad or iphone to computer via usb or wifi.
      3.      Iphone ipad will be recognized by computer itunes and it will show under device tab. So click on device tab and then select iphone from which contact are to be transferred.
      4.     Now click on info tab under iphone device. So you will see different option.
      5.     Select address book contacts and at the bottom click on sync. This will sync your old iphone contact to itunes. Or you can say old ipad / iphone contact address book are transfer to itunes.

      6.     Now connect new iphone or ipad to itunes. And sync your iphone to computer itunes. After that your contact are transfer to new iphone. And if you have some contact on new iphone and you don’t want that it was replace with old ipad contact then at the bottom you will find advance option. Under advance option you will see replace information on this iphone. Make sure contacts are not selected so now it will merge contact of old phone with new iphone. This way you can merge transfer old ipad / iphone contact to new iphone. But in newer version of itunes you may not find this info tab so this ipad iphone tips tricks for contact transfer may not work and you can go for icloud method or you can restore new iphone with the backup of old ipad iphone. So this will transfer contact of old iphone to new iphone.  Restoring iphone ipad will also replace music, video, songs, mp3 on your new iphone with old iphone library. This work with ipod touch, iphone 5, iphone 6, iphone 7, ipad air and ipad pro. Iphone restore can solve many problems like ipad iphone won’t turn on, iphone stuck at apple logo screen, iphone disabled locked and iphone hanging. I have created post about how to restore iphone without deleting data. That will help you to troubleshoot many iphone ipad or ios device problem. I have created separate post for iphone troubleshooting in which I added entire procedure for how to fix iphone would not power on and iphone ipad stuck at apple log screen. Go through that to fix your iphone problem.

Procedure 4) manually ipad contact list transfer to another ipad / iphone using messaging app imessanger or email.
In this method we will transfer contact between two iphone and two ipad.
Now open contact on your ipad - then tap on contact –  tap share contact and at bottom you will see airdrop, message and email. So you can use imessager or email to transfer this contact between two iphone.  When you send message /email that message is in vcard form and when you open that message on other iphone it ask you to import contact tap yes and new contact will be added to another ipad.

Procedure 5) iphone ipad address book, contact mobile list transfer to another ipad iphone using gmail.
In android mobile like samsung galaxy, lg mobile, motorola you can directly backup and sync your contact to gmail. But for ios devices you can not directly syncronize or backup on gmail. You need to use itunes for that.
1. First connect you old iphone / ipad to computer.
2.  Then open itunes and click on device tab.
3. Find your ipad or iphone and click on it.
4. Now just adjacent to summary tab there is info tab. Click on info.
5. Now select sync contact with and there are google account, outlook and windows. Select google account and then it may prompt for log in, log in with your gmail id.
6. Now your old ipad contacts are synchronize with gmail account. Now you have two option either you export your contact list or address book from google or sync your new ipad iphone with gmail account.
7.  To export your contact mobile number list from gmail. Open gmail then click on my contact – then click on more and export list. Now save it on your computer.
Then email that file to your any email id and open it on your new ipad iphone and when you try to open that attachment, it ask to import, click yes and your contact list will be added to new iphone.
8.  Otherwise connect your new iphone to computer and it will be detected by computer itunes. Now click on device then select your iphone, click on info tab and sync contact with your new iphone. This way contact and address book are transferred between two ipad and two iphone.

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