itunes does not recognize ipod touch

Fix itunes does not recognize find ipod touch

      Troubleshoot ipod is not recognized by itunes and computer. This is the most common issue when you are connecting ipod to computer. Itunes not able to find or recognize ipod touch. You want to transfer music movie photo album from itune to ipod and want to do many more stuff.
      Ipod to communicate with computer it require communication software called ipod’s driver. Itunes act as ipod manager software and also used as a driver for ipod touch.  The following procedure is applicable to ipod touch all generations, ipod shuffle all generation and ipod nano generations.
Below 7 checklists to fix itunes does not recognize ipod.
1) Make sure you have full installation of latest itunes software.
2) Check computer usb port universal serial bus controller working.
3) Trust setting of ipod with computer.
4.1) manual update of apple mobile device driver support.
4.2) standalone installation of apple mobile device driver support.
5) activate apple mobile device services.
6) Reset and restore ipod ios firmware.
7) Computer usb port, usb cable and ipod usb port working fine.

Ipod is not found by itunes checklist (1) in details
Full installation of itunes fresh copy:-
Make sure you have full installation of latest itunes software. Make sure you have installed  fresh copy of itune like itunes 12 - 12.3, itunes 11, itunes 10.Now connect ipod touch to computer so that ipod can connect with itunes.
Ipod does not detected by itunes computer checklist (2) in details
Check computer usb port universal serial bus controller working:-
If you are on windows computer right click on my computer> manage> device manager or click start menu> run prompt > paste this command   devmgmt.msc and press enter. This will bring you device manager dialog box.
At right side panel find universal serial bus controller and expand it.

Make sure usb controller driver are installed properly. There is no ! or ? at usb controller.
If you find this error then install usb port driver from motherboard cd dvd. Or you can download universal usb port controller driver. Normally when you install windows 10, 8, 7 or imac it install usb controller driver by default. 
Ipod touch does not recognize by itunes computer Check list (3) in details
Ipod touch setting for trusted computer:-
When you connected ipod to computer and if you have accidentally select don’t trust option. Then you ipod will be seen at unspecified device. To check this click on my computer or this pc icon.  Then find unspecified device and drive folder. Just beside unspecified  you will find apple ipod icon.
Right click apple ipod icon> click property > then hardware > double click driver and delete/ uninstall driver.
When you reconnect ipod it prompt you trust or don’t trust and if you select trust it will installed driver.
   You can change trust setting of your ipod touch by open setting >go to general >reset > most probably the last option is reset location & privacy > it prompt for password to change this setting then exit. Next time you connect ipod to computer it ask for trust or don’t trust.
Ipod does not recognize by itunes computer Checklist (4) in details
4.1) Manual update of apple mobile device driver support:-
As we have checked that you have installed itunes latest version. Even after that itunes not recognizes the ipod touch.
         So now go to device manager by devmgmt.msc   or  in windows 10 go to control panel> hardware & sound > device and printer – this will allow you to see all the connected devices and drives to your computer.
     Here you will find your apple ipod icon listed in unspecified device and drives.  Unspecified mean pc has found new hardware that is your apple ipod touch. But it is not properly configured or his specific driver is not installed.
   Here we need to find the option which allows us to update driver or uninstalling driver. So that we can properly configure ipod touch.
       Now Right click on apple ipod icon and select properties. This will open a new dialog box – which has two options general and hardware tab.
      Click on hardware tab and within that hardware tab click on properties. This will open new dialog box which has general, driver, details, events tab.
Now click on change setting within general tab.
This will open new dialog box, select driver tab. Now you can proceed with two ways either you update driver or you can uninstall driver and then reinstall it.
  I first explain update driver. Click on update driver tab > now click on locate and install driver software manually > then give path for your apple ipod driver. Depending upon your operating system like 32 bit or 64 bit there are two possible paths.
Drive where operating system installed: \ or C:\program Files\common files\apple\mobile device support\drivers. Or C:\program files\common files (x86)\apple\mobile device support\drivers.
      Or you can download apple mobile device support driver from internet. The driver have following files , usbaapl64.inf, usbaapl64.pnf, usbaapl64.sys, usbaaplrc.dll and one long alphabet numeric rar file. This files for 64 bit driver. Give path for usbaapl64.
 Click next and when driver is installed close it. Now apple ipod touch should be detected by itunes.

If update driver option not working for you then select uninstall option.

    Then completely uninstall driver and also uninstall itunes also. And unplug your ipod touch from usb port. Restart your computer.
   Now you have latest version of itunessetup.exe or itunes64setup.exe. Make sure you have installed rarlab software to extract rar files.
       Now right click on itunessetup.exe file then click on extract files. This will extract bunch of files from that double click on AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi file.  To get .msi extension file go to my computer- tool - folder option – view- uncheck hide known file extension – ok.
Preparing to install click next > license agreement accept > click on install > installing apple mobile device support > finish.
    Now restart your computer and when you logged in at the same time plug in your ipod usb cable.
     Now computer find new device apple ipod touch and install driver software automatically.
If you follow the above sequence properly I am sure itunes start recognizing ipod touch. This is called standalone installation of apple mobile device driver support.
One more thing if your ipod touch found as an unknown device within device manager then. Right click on unknown device and then update or uninstall driver same as above.

This checklist 4 is also applied to any unknown ipod device found within usb controller.
 I know post become lengthy and complicated but the problem of itunes not finding ipod touch may occurs due to several reason and it require long explanation . So now I split this post in two parts continue computer itunes does not detect ipod touch. In this next part I have explained remaining checklist 5, 6, 7.

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