Troubleshoot Ipad Iphone Stuck at Logo screen

Troubleshot ipad / iphone or ios device stuck at apple logo everytime start iphone / ipad or iphone ipad hang at logo with progressive bar or iphone wont turn on past apple logo.

Reason for iphone ipad stuck hang at apple logo screen.

There are many reasons for this iphone problem of ipad iphone stuck at logo screen with progress bar or iphone start in recovery mode and wont boot after logo or iphone freeze stuck at logo in loop everytime you start your iphone or ipad.
1. It may possible that some of booting file of your ipad or iphone got corrupted or not working properly.

2. Your ipad or iphone battery is not fully charged.

3. ipad / iphone or ios device software is outdated and need to  be upgraded or need update.

4. you have installed some apps or games which damage your iphone system file.

5. ipad iphone battery is not properly fix or moved fror its slot.

6. ipad iphone infected by virus.

                Above reasons are also applicable for iphone or ipad restart automatically or shutdown while you are working. Iphone / ipad hang or freeze during working. This is applicable to all ios version including ios 7, ios 10, ios 11. This can also solve iphone wont turn on after apple logo or want turn off after stuck freeze at apple logo. Below method fix iphone stuck at apple logo without restoring. So that you won’t lose any data like music, films, contact and apps. And you don’t need to transfer iphone music photos video library to computer or other iphone.

1)  You can restart your ipad or iphone by press and hold power button. And then again restart your iphone or ipad.

2) fully recharge ipad / iphone or ios device battery for 2 to 3 hours and then restart your iphone ipad.

3) Remove battery and reinsert it and if it is lose then put some packing to fix battery properly.

4) force restart or reboot  ipad iphone.
                  Press and hold power and volume down button for 10 to 12 second for iphone 7 and 7 plus and if  it is ipod touch , ipad or iphone 6 then use power and home button until  apple logo come on screen. During this it come slide to turn off don’t do anything there. Once apple logo come on screen release both button and iphone ipad reboot / restart.  This will solve problem like apps not responding, browser not responding, iphone hang or stuck while playing movie or games etc.

5) Using crash report for iphone troubleshooting for hanging or stuck at logo:
                          When you sync iphone to computer itunes. Log file of iphone ipad transfer to itunes computer. This also transfer crash report of your iphone / ipad or ios devices.This iphone ipad tips is very useful for ipad / iphone troubleshooting.
On windows xp, windows vista, windows 7 or windows 10 computer you can find crash log file at
C:\documents and settings\admin or log in username\application data\ apple computer\logs\ crash reporter\mobile device\ your device name folder.
On mac computer : root directory or home directory \library \log\crashreporter\mobile device\ your apple device name.

            Use crash reporter tool or xcode tool for crash log file reading. This tool convert log file in understandable language. So you can find why your apple iphone hang at apple logo. Whether problem is software or firmware level or it is hardware problem. Does any app crashed and due to that iphone or ipad stuck or hang.

6) iphone / ipad reset :
If your iphone hanging or work slow or network related problem while connecting to internet then you can go for resetting iphone. Go to ipad setting > general > reset all setting. Do take backup before resetting iphone ipad.

7) enter into iphone ipad dfu more  and recovery mode :
If none of above can solve your iphone problem then last option is restoring iphone / ipad by entering recovery mode. Here you will get two option update or restore. If you update your iphone than it will not delete any data on your iphone so you don’t need to transfer your video, films, apps, music songs from your iphone to computer. But if you are restoring ipad or iphone then first take backup of your iphone. Here is how to restore iphone without deleting data.
            To enter into iphone dfu mode or recovery mode. Difference of iphone recovery mode and iphone dfu mode is, in recovery mode you install available latest ios on your iphone or ipad. While in iphone dfu mode you have choice to install ios. So that you can downgrade iphone ios version or you can upgrade iphone ios.
To enter iphone recovery mode – connect your iphone to computer. Open itunes now press and hold power button and volume button for iphone7  or 7+and in ipod , ipod touch, ipad  power  and home button for 10 second or you see apple log on iphone ipad screen. Keep holding button until you get pop up on your itunes that ‘there is problem with your iphone, device name iphone that requires it to be updated or restored. Or you get itune logo with usb port on your iphone screen that mean iphone or ipad is in recovery mode’.

             Now choose update this will update your ios on iphone ipad without deleting or erasing data like music video films photos on your  iphone. So you won’t lose any data and you don’t need backup of your iphone data. If update will not solve your problem then chose restore ipad iphone. This will delete all your data on your iphone.

To enter into iphone ipad dfu mode
Connect iphone ipad to computer. Open itunes. Now press and hold power and volume button or power and home button for 10 to 12 second then release power button but keep holding volume or home button until you see below pop up message on your itunes. This method for iphone 7 / 7+, iphone 6 and ipod touch.
‘Itune has detected iphone in recovery mode. You must restore this iphone before it can be used with itunes.’

                  This means ipad or iphone entered into dfu mode. Keep in mind your iphone or ipad screen remain blank during all time. If you get apple logo or itune logo on your iphone ipad screen then you are in recovery mode and not in dfu mode. Try again and keep focusing on time for pressing and holding power and volume button.

          This all method solve problem related to software . But if there is any hardware related problem like ipad stuck on logo screen and showing solid colour then you need to go iphone repair center.

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