transfer music from ipod to another ipod

Here are steps for how to transfer music from ipod to ipod. This will guide you how to transfer music from your old ipod to new ipod.

transfer music from ipod to ipod
First you need to search the script named ipodfolderopener. This will run a series of terminal command that open up all hidden folder in the invisible music folder in your ipod’s invisible ipod control folder as a finder windows. This will open many windows on your screen so don’t worry about that.
Before executing script, you need to navigate itune’s advance preferences pane and unchecked “copy files to itunes music folder when adding to library”. Now execute the script. it will open many windows go to the foremost windows, select all music and drag and drop them into itunes. And now back to finder close the windows from which you have copied all song. Now move to next windows repeat previous step. Continue doing this for all open windows.

If you have large collection then this will take more than 30 minutes. But you need to do this only once. After that whenever you connect your ipod to computer, itune automatically find all the tracks and consider it as other tracks installed in music folder of your ipod library. You can also burn everything on cd.

Now transfer music from old ipod to new ipod.
After finishing all the steps explained above. First mount your old ipod so tht all those files appear in local itunes music folder. Now mount new ipod and sync itunes automatically. This will transfer the entire music library from your computer and old ipod. This process is slower as compare to routine sync but you need to do this only once. After sync ipod, navigate itune preferences and change it from automatic sync to manual sync.
Once you are done syncing all of the music to the new ipod, click on it in the side pane, select its preferences from the bottom of the iTunes window, and switch it from Automatic sync to Manual sync.

You have transferred music from one ipod to another ipod.

Now you are all done. Enjoy!

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