ipod touch is disabled try again in 21 millions minutes

Troubleshot ipod touch is disabled try again in 21 millions minutes. Unlock ipod lost 4 digit password.

        Ipod touch is disabled try again in 23,312,880 & 21+ million minutes. You have forgotten 4 digit password. Now ipod touch is disable and locked. Or you have entered wrong 4 digit ipod password many time and ipod is disabled locked. Ipod lost password is the very frequent problem below is the procedure to troubleshoot ipod disabled try again in minutes problem.

                 You can solve above problem by
Method (i) resetting the ipod and restore new ios to ipod touch. This procedure removes everything from ipod and makes your ipod unlocked.

        Below procedure is for method (i) reset and restore ipod to troubleshoot ipod is disabled try again in millins minutes.   This procedure is applicable to apple ipod touch 4,5,6th generation, ipod shuffle 1,2,3,4th generation and ipod nano 4,5,6,7th generation.
            You just turn on your ipod itouch. Error massage comes ipod is disabled try again after 22,011,322 minutes. Now a day you have laptop, computer, android smartphones, apple ids, emails all have password protection. Sometime it may happen that you forgot your passcode for your ipod touch. You may enter wrong passcode and your ipod got locked. And you want to use your ipod immediate.

Follow the below step for troubleshoot ipod is disabled try again after 21 million minutes or passcode locked ipod.
1) Connect ipod touch to computer via usb so that you can connect ipod with itunes. Once ipod is connected to itunes an error message comes out.
          “itunes could not connect to ipod  “apple ipod”. Because it is locked with the passcode. You must enter your passcode on ipod before it can be used with itunes.”
2) Now enter in dfu mode of ipod. So that you can enable your ipod. Dfu mode removes all barriers to your ipod ios and you can fully use your ipod.
Steps for dfu mode.
  •  Turn off your ipod touch. 
  •  Hold the power button at top right side for 2 to 4 seconds. 
  •  Hold power and home button (bottom center button) for 8 to10 seconds. 
  • Video got cut off once you see apple logo on apple touch screen. 
  •  Release power button but keep press and hold home button. 
  •   Pop up appear on computer screen.
     (3) After 15 to 20 second Itune has detected ipod in a recovery mode. You must restore the ipod before it can be used with itunes.  Be careful that there will be no logo on screen and ipod screen is blank.
    (4) Itunes automatically check the updates for ipod. Make sure you have working internet connection on your computer or laptop and you must be logged in. Click on restore within itunes.
Pop up message come -
“Are you sure you want to restore your ipod to its factory setting?
Warning: all media and other data will be erased. Newer version of ipod touch ios software will be installed.
   Itunes verify the restore with apple. After this you have option to restore your contacts, calendar, text message and other setting. “
(5)Click on ipod restore and update.
Now you have fully unlocked ipod touch. This procedure is application to ipod touch all generation, ipod shuffle all generation and ipod nano generations.

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