Reset remove forgotten password to unlock ipod touch

Recover reset ipod password protection to unlock ipod which is locked disabled

Use this procedure if you are a owner of ipod.
          How to unlock ipod when ipod locked due to lost forgotten 4 digit password or you have entered wrong password many time. Error message comes ipod is disabled locked. You need to reset or remove ipod touch lost passcode.
     By this procedure you will not loss data which is stored inside ipod touch. This procedure to remove and resetting ipod passcode is applicable to apple ipod touch 4th, 5th, 6th generation ipod touch and all kind of ipod like ipod nano , ipod shuffle generations.
        If you are not succeeded with this method the go for ipod resetting for
ipod touch is disabled try again in 21 millions minutes. This procedure deletes all the data of your ipod touch and shuffle.
          Here is the steps for remove and reset ipod password without losing any data. By this method you can unlock your ipod without restoring your ipod.
    1)  Connect ipod touch to computer laptop via usb cable. Make sure you have logged in your computer with administrator level user.
    2)  Now you need to find underscore _locked file within ipod device. By that file you can unlock your ipod and you can reset your ipod passcode. _locked file might be hidden within windows computer.
    For that in windows 10 - click on my pc icon, or network or recycle bin icon on desktop. 
  •   Then click on view menu then folder option tab. 
  •   Then check show hidden files, folder and drives. 
  •  Then click apply and ok. 
To unhide file and folder in windows 8 and windows 7. 
  •     Click start then control panel, appearance and personalization. Click on folder option.Select show hidden files and folder, apply and ok. 
     This will allow you to see the underscore/_locked ipod file. Your ipod password saved within this _locked file. You need to manipulate this _locked file to unlock ipod touch.
3)  Make sure you have installed itunes latest version or apple mobile device driver on your computer. So that it can detect your ipod touch as usb drive.
      4)  Now open this pc or my computer icon on windows computer. The open ipod touch / ipod shuffle / ipod nano folder.
      5)  Within ipod touch folder click on ipod_control folder.
6) Then click on device folder within ipod_control folder.
7)Now within device folder select  _locked file. This file has passcode for your itouch.
8) First take the ownership of _locked file. Now right click on _locked file. Then click property. Then security, the click on advance and then make your login user as an owner of the _locked file and take full control of the file.
9) Now change the _locked file name to unlocked or deletes this file.
10) Your ipod touch is fully unlocked you have successfully removed the lost forgotten passcode lock.
11) But this procedure does not allow you to reset your password. So first take full back up of your ipod touch / ipod shuffle/ ipod mini. Then restore it to reset your password.

   By this procedure you can unlock apple ipod touch 4,5,6th generation, ipod shuffle 2,3,4th  generation and all ipod nano 5,6,7th generation.

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