Ipad won’t start up bong noise alert sound

Troubleshot Ipad iphone won’t start up giving bong noise and when ipad iphone power on no display beep alert every 2 to 5 second

     In my ipod would not turn on page I have given detailed information about how to troubleshot ipod wont startup black screen and ipod stop working non responsive lcd display screen.  I have explained various reasons for ipod won’t start up and also provide steps for repairing ipod stop working non responsive screen.

       In brief there are few reasons which can cause ipod or ipad stop working those are ipad power failure like battery, power port, ipad lcd display screen problem, software or ios firmware problem and also proximity sensor can cause ipad black screen. I have also provided information for repairing each above problem.
On this page we discuss only apple iphone or ipad wont start up and giving bong noise every 2 second or every 5 seconds.
           Here I will give you all possible reason for iphone/ ipad wont startup plus it gives bong noise every 2 to 5 second or alert sound for specific time interval. But first go through my post for apple ipod / iphone won’t turn on and black screen troubleshooting then you have much better idea how to resolve this problem.

1.When you turn on your iphone ipad or ipod and your ipad screen remain black and giving bong noise or beep alert sound that indicate that some initial required hardware is failed and it gives you this system sound alert which indicate that some initial hardware are missing or failed.
For example if you remove computer ram from its slot and start your computer it give beep noise while booting and there is no display on monitor only black lcd screen. This is called booting hardware failure. Similarly for apple ipod / ipad / iphone also require some basic hardware to boot and if any needy hardware fails than it give bong noise or beep alert sound.

2.  Sometime your ipod, ipad or iphone digitizer not working and it also gives bong noise alert and iphone, ipad would not turn on and remain black screen after iphone / ipad power turn on. 

3. Apple ipad lcd is not working it also gives bong noise. Most of the time in such cases it’s not damaged display lcd  which cause such bong or beep noise but actually the soldering connector are teared off or dry soldering cause such problem. And if you are a professional hardware expert than check on back side of ipad logic board and you can judge that soldering is proper or not. Don’t try yourself.

4. Sometime it happens that your ipad,ipod or iphone turn on when you use charging cable but it won’t turn on with battery. Here also you first check battery's 3 connector point soldering whether it is proper or not. Or to confirm that whether problem with battery or connector. Use another ipod, iphone or ipad battery and turn on your iphone. If iphone boots and work properly then there is a problem with your iphone battery but even with new battery problem remain same than its better to check iphone battery connector point. 

5. Sometime ipad or iphone display lcd connector got damaged during inserting display cable to pcb slot and it result in iphone black screen or no display or non responsive lcd screen.

6. Now sometime you upgrade your ipad firmware to latest version and you bought older lcd screen and installed it to your iphone/ ipad/ipod. It also results in ipad wont start up only black screen. So replace older lcd to newer compatible lcd display.

7.  To exactly identify the problem it is better to use crash log of your apple devices like ipod , phone and ipad.  Whenever you synchronize your apple ipod or ipad to itunes, the log file will be transferred to itunes. To find log file in windows xp
Type %appdata% in run command – this will open a folder – click on apple computer folder – then click on logs folder then crash reporters folder – inside crash reporter folder there is a separate folder for each apple devices which are synchronized with itunes. Click on the folder with your apple ipad name.
Windows 10 and windows 7 :
You can use above method to find crash log for apple ios device and here another method to find crash log on windows 10 computer. Type eventvwr on run command. This will open even viewer box. Then click on application and on right side of panel there are list of application log. You can find your apple ipod,ipad or iphone crash log there.

 Those crash log are very difficult to understand. So use xcode or any other crash reporter tool this will convert crash log to human understandable names and organize crash log which is very useful for apple ipod, ipad and iphone troubleshooting. In this crash reporter view if you find defunctScreen. Then it says that there is no ipod or ipad lcd screen display attached. It means your ipod ipad lcd screen is not working.  As you have screen installed on ipad but when ipad boots it does not detect ipad lcd screen. So because of that ipad wont start and only black screen happen. 

8. Your proximity sensor wrong working can make your iphone ipad screen black and when you connect your ipod ipad or iphone to new computer or laptop. Then vibration is an alert that ask you to trust new computer. But your ipod screen is black screen and you are not able to trust new computer and that can cause continuous beeping or bong noise.

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