Ipod would not turn on black screen

Apple Ipod would not turn on & ipod stop working unresponsive lcd screen.

This troubleshooting applicable to ipod touch, ipod shuffle, ipod nano and apple ipad iphone.
           Here we troubleshoot apple ipod / ipad / iphone would not turn on and ipod touch suddenly stop working only black screen shown  and there is non-responsive lcd screen and no display on lcd screen.
        There are several reasons why ipod would not turn on. So first consider the point which are required to start your apple ipod or to turn on ipod/ ipad and start working on ipod.

For understanding purpose following 6 point are require to turn on your ipod / iphone / ipad and helpful to fix your ipod problem.

1. Ipod power supply- failure of power is the main reason for ipod won’t work. For ipod main power supply is either battery or from computer and it requires power cord and working power port to charge battery. If this are not working then ipod won’t start up.

2. Ipod display screen or lcd – you can only work on ipod if display is proper. If there is a problem at display screen or ipod lcd screen. You will face ipod stop working shown black non-responsive screen.

3. Ipod software firmware working fine. Even if software firmware errors occur even though your ipod can boot and stuck at apple logo. So this software, ipod ios firmware are not much important for the problem of ipod would not turn on.

4. Ipod all other hardware working fine. Then  problem at ipod circuit board may cause ipod stop working and only show black screen.
5. This problem occurs due to software problem or hardware problem that we will find during ipod troubleshooting for not starting up.

6. Proximity sensor wrong functioning can cause ipod display screen black and non responsive screen.

7. Use crash log to troubleshoot your ipod problem. Whenever any application crash or hardware failure occur it create log file on apple devices like ipod / ipad / iphone. When you synchronize your ipod with computer itunes. It transfer log file to computer itunes automatically.  You can find your crash log file for your apple device here

 for windows xp     c:\ document and setting- your log in username folder - apple computer folder - logs – crash reporter- your apple device name folder -if you have multiple apple device attached then for each device there is a separate log file generated.
For windows 7    type %appdata% . This will open a folder. Click on roaming- apple computer folder- logs folder -crash reporter-mobile device- folder file with your apple device name.
         Now use xcode or any apple developed crash reporter. As in crash log file there are many memory addresses are written which human cannot understand but with the help of crash reporter like xcode, it convert memory addresses to  human understandable name and it also omit user’s personal data to keep privacy.If your ipod won’t turn on giving bong noise and sound alert every 2 to 5 second than here is more information on ipad won’t turn on bong noise problem troubeshooting. It provide the problem which cause bong noise and sound alert when you try to power on ipod touch , ipoad or iphone.

1. Now start troubleshooting for ipod would not turn on for power supply failure: battery, power cable and power port.
If battery is not working than ipod never start up and ipod acts as dead. So first checks the battery is fully charged or keep ipod turn off and connects power supply to battery for more than 20 min. Then start your ipod. This is very basic step which you have already applied. If ipod steel doesn’t start than connect usb cable of your ipod to computer and try to charge ipod via usb. And then turn on your ipod.
If still ipod is not working then use some cotton and clean power port of your ipod where you connect power cable. Also open back cover of your ipod and remove the battery here is the guide for how to replace apple ipod battery and clean the connecting point of battery also clean point where battery connect to the ipod internal circuit. It may possible that due to humidity and dust the connecting point got corroded and insulate the connection point between ipod and battery and due to that ipod wont power up and ipod become dead.
2. Software level troubleshooting for ipod would not start up : Force restart ipod and then if needed reset and restore ipod. I have created separate post for ipod reset and ipod restore. Read those posts for how to reset apple ipod and restore ipod /ipad.
           I believe that this is not a software problem this may occur due to some hardware issue still you can first force restart ipod. To force restart your ipod keep pressing and holding sleep and home button for 8 to 1o second then slide to turn off.  This will not display on screen but you assume after 10 second that it is slide to turn off ipod. And then again press and hold sleep and home button until apple logo appear. If ipod start than there is no problem with your ipod. But I am sure such thing you have already attempted.
       Now to find whether it is hardware problem or software problem the best way is to connect ipod to computer laptop. Now if ipod is recognized by computer or ipod is found by itunes then or atleast you get message on computer that new external usb hardware found. That means ipod is working fine just problem with ipod display screen or ipod lcd screen.
            Now I also suggest restoring ipod from itunes. It may possible that your ipod start working after restoring. Here you cannot use wifi connection for connecting ipod to computer as there is a black screen on ipod.  So only usb option is possible.
3. Ipad Ipod display screen or lcd screen troubleshooting for ipod would not start up unresponsive display screen or black screen:
                 Now if ipod is recognize by itunes computer but ipod screen is black and non responsive. Then it is certain that the problem is at ipod lcd screen. Now such thing happens when by mistake your ipod sleep from your hand and dropped on floor and due to that jerk ipod screen become black or display screen become non-responsive. This is happen when your ipod lcd screen connector cable loosen from its hardware slot. To fix this open back cover of your ipod and just above battery slot there is an ipod lcd screen cable connected. Here is the detail of how to replace apple ipod screen. Now press the lcd display cable to its slot firmly and then again power on your ipod. I am sure ipod start working and ipod black screen problem removed.
       If this also not able to solve the problem. Then ipod lcd display have 3 cable connector find the sensor connector and remove the sensor connector from ipod logic board or from circuit board. And then start your ipod this will solve your ipod screen non responsive problem.
     And if you have hardware knowledge then check the ipod lcd display filter and solder of that filter. If soldering get dry then it can cause ipod stop working black screen.
    Also check display regulatory ic. But I would suggest to contact apple authorize service center. Such thing can only be done by professional.
4. Proximity sensor can cause iphone ipad black screen:
Function of the proximity sensor is to disable iphone ipad lcd screen when you are talking on phone. So that when your lcd screen touch your ear. It cannot tap any icon on your screen. Otherwise it can cause problem. But if this sensor create some abrupt function and make display screen black then ipod stop working and black screen problem occur. As I know proximity sensor are capacitive, inductive or magnetic. So be specific for replacing your sensor or better to purchase from apple authorize store.
5. Ipod’s other hardware failure or problem on logic board or pcb of ipod:
 Now if ipod power related hardware like battery, power port and power cable are all fine. Display related all hardwares are fine. Ipod softwares are also working fine, no issue with proximity sensor than possible problem is at other logic board related problem. To troubleshoot that you need a great knowledge of electronic circuit board and requires all necessary equipments.

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