how to transfer purchase from ipad iphone to computer

How to transfer purchase songs, album, music from iphone/ipad to computer itunes, transfer purchased films, movies from ipad/iphone to itunes library on computer and manually transfer selected itune store items from iphone to computer without itunes software.

                                                 By below method you can transfer home video,tv show and movies from iphone to pc which you have purchased from itunes store and you can also transfer purchased songs, albums and individual track  music from ipad/iphone to computer. You can transfer any items from iphone / ipad to computer which you have purchased from itune store.

                                          Itune store has variety of download. You can download purchases songs, album from itune store. You can download purchase films, movies, home video from itunes store to your iphone/ipad. You can download games, apps from itunes store to your iphone 5, iphone 5s and iphone 5c.  iphone 6 has 32gb/ 64gb storage, this will fill up all your apple iphone6, iphone 6 se and iphone 6 s plus memory.  Your apple ipad pro, ipad air and ipad mini has 16gb/32gb internal memory which can fill up by purchasing  Hollywood  hd-movies from itunes store. And you need to transfer those hd movies from iphone / ipad to computer itunes library.

        Your apps downloaded from itunes store to iphone ipad saved at app library. You purchased book downloaded to your iphone, ipad will save in book library. Purchased Tv show saved in tv show library. Your purchased movie, films and home video saved at movie library on your iphone/ ipad.
Step for how to transfer purchased films from iphone to computer itunes and this steps are same for transferring purchased songs, album from iphone to computer.  You can also transfer purchased films, home video from ipad to computer itunes and transfer songs, albums from ipad to itunes computer. This is the other way for how to transfer all video from iphone to computer itunes. But on this post we discuss only how to copy purchased video movies to computer.

     1)      Connect your iphone / ipad to computer. Your iphone will appear in my computer or this pc of windows 10. This steps for transfer purchased  films from iphone to computer itunes is for windows operating system. Though method is same for mac computer also.

      2)      Now you cannot copy purchased films, songs, album and individual track to any computer. And you cannot play songs, album and films on any computer. You need to authorize pc by itunes.

      3)      How to authorize computer for copy purchased album, movies.  You cannot transfer purchased items from iphone / ipad to computer until you have authorize it. You first need to authorize computer on which you want to transfer all your purchased songs, films. And you can not authorize any number of computers. You can authorize maximum 5 computers. And to authorize computer you need to install itunes on computer. Latest itune version is

   -After you installed itunes on your computer. Open itunes. There are file, edit, view, control, store and help tab. Click on store tab. In that menu click on authorize this computer. Now it will prompt for apple login. You must log in with apple id by which you have purchased songs, album etc. 

Transfer purchase film from ipad to computer itunes

                   You can create your apple id for free. For apple id you need windows7, windows8 or windows10. You cannot create apple id using windows xp or windows vista. You can transfer those purchased movies, films to computer only which you have bought by apple id you have logged in. if you have two apple id then you can do transfer one by one.  You can also deauthorize computer from this menu.

- Once you authorize computer now you can copy transfer all your itune store purchase between computer and iphone.

     4)      Now open itunes –click on file tab – then devices tab –

Transfer purchase item ipad to computer

                       Now you will find transfer purchase from and along with that you will find ios device name which are attached to computer. Select the device iphone /ipad from which you want to transfer purchase movies, album to computer itunes. This will transfer all your purchased albums, songs, movies home video to computer itunes library.

2nd method for transferring purchased content from iphone / ipad to computer
      5)      You can also transfer purchase by this alternate way. Open itunes on left hand side you will find the apple ios device – right click on apple device from which you want to transfer items to computer.

 Then select transfer purchase from iphone or ipad. This also copy all purchased films, album to itune library on computer.

3rd method to copy purchased music, films from iphone / ipad to computer.

      6)      Here is one more way you can transfer purchased items from iphone to computer. After 3rd step
Open itunes - if you are not logged in with your apple account to your itunes store then first log in with your apple id – then click on edit menu – there is a last option preferences. Click on preferences – new windows will open click on store tab just next to sharing. 

                  Select automatically download content there are four option music, movie, apps and books. You can also choose video quality of purchase item that you are downloading.

           After that itunes can automatically download new purchase made on other devices also. You can also select always check for available download.

              This way you can transfer all purchased content from iphone to computer itunes including apps, books and music.

How to transfer selected purchased music, album from iphone to computer  manually without itunes software and how to transfer selected purchased content movies, films from iphone / ipad to computer without itunes. You can transfer selected content from iphone / ipad to computer manually without itunes.

                Now if you want to transfer selected purchase from iphone / ipad to computer. Or you want to copy selected purchased songs, album and music to computer. And many times you want to play movies on computer and for that you just want to copy selected purchased movies, films from iphone / ipad to computer itunes.

Step 1) now first find the location of music, video, films on iphone ipad that you have all your purchased.

           -    Location of purchased songs, albums on iphone/ ipad.  As you have connected your iphone to computer. Open this pc - under portable devices and drive – find ipad iphone icon. Click on iphone ipad/icon – under internal storage– you will find all your music video under internal storage of your iphone /ipad.

                           Under internal storage you will find the folder iphone_control. Under that there is music folder under which songs files are stored. You will find many folders named as music001, music002 etc. similarly downloaded video are stored under internal storage.

-          On iphone / ipad go to setting – music or video. Here you can search location of video files on iphone / ipad.
-          You can also find content here /private/ var / mobile /media /iTunes_Control / Music or films or purchased library.

  Step 2)    if you have previously used ituens then on windows computer location of itunes content and itune library is C:\Documents and Settings\ username\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media. You can change the location of itunes content and itunes library by this way. Open itunes click on edit menu- click on preferences – then click on advanced – itune media folder location now select change or reset to change location of itune media folder or itune library on windows computer or mac computer.

Step 3) now you know the location of songs, music and films on iphone and ipad. Now select those contents on your iphone and paste on computer. But if you are copying purchased music or films then you must authorize computer to copy and play purchased content. You cannot transfer purchased items from iphone to itunes computer unless you have authorize it. Otherwise transfer purchase will not work.

You can also sync your iphone with itunes vie wifi. There is an option on itunes. Open itunes – click on device and select sync this device iphone or ipad over wi fi.

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