Transfer photo library from ipad to computer

Transfer photos between ipad and windows computer, copy photo picture from apple ipod to computer and importing photo selfie from iphone to windows 10 & windows 7.

You can use below steps for transferring photo library pictures from ipad pro, ipad air, ipad mini 4 to windows 10/7/8 laptop. Steps for photo images transfer from iphone 6s plus, iphone se to computer is same as ipad and ipod touch.

Need for transferring photos, images, selfie from ipad to computer itunes.

-You are require to transfer photo, selfie, album and images from ipod / ipad/ iphone to computer having windows 10, windows8 as you have used all the space available on ipad  pro 32gb ,16gb and now your ipad running out of free space. 

 -You have downloaded many images from safari browser and from your email to your ipad air .You used all of your ipad pro memory and now you want to shift those images to computer.

- Iphone 6 s plus 64gb have 12 mega pixel camera and ipad air/ ipad mini /ipad pro have isight 12mega pixel camera live photos and auto hdr for photos. Many of ios9 devices have facetime hd camera. This ipad camera takes snaps of high quality images.  You have snapped many high definition photos for your vacation & group photos and you want to transfer those photos to your windows 10/8/7 computer. To free up space on your apple ipad.

 -There are three different kind of photo images transfer possible between iphone/ipad/ipod and computer. 1. Transfer photo library from ipad to computer  2. Transfer photo images from windows computer to ipad/ipod  3. Transfer photo library from one ipod/iphone to another iphone. That is first transfer iphone to computer and then again computer to another ipod/iphone.

Troubleshot problems while you are copying photo selfie from apple ipod / ipad to home computer.

      1.  While you are transferring your photo from ipod / ipad to computer, you are facing a problem that your ipod/ ipad does not appear under my computer this pc and iphone ipad does not recognized by computer while connecting to usb cable and windows 10 say it require to install device driver. In that case to smoothen your photo transfers disable passcode protection of your apple ipad.

       2.    Some time it may happen that you can find apple ipad/iphone icon under my computer or this pc of windows 10. But when you open ipad folder it show there is no new video or picture were found on this device but actually there are many photos pictures on your apple ipad. If you face no new video or picture were found on this device problem while moving photo from ipad to computer. First turn off passcode protection of your ipad. And also keep your ipad screen unlock and also increase automatic ipad screen lock time for more than 15 to 20 minutes. Or disable screen lock option while you are copying photo library, images from ipad to computer, computer to ipad or old iphone to new iphone.

      3.  Many times it happens that when you try to transfer selected photos to computer from ipad iphone, everytime it ask prompt for ipad/iphone passcode. Here also turn off passcode protection of your ipad, also turn of screen lock and make your screen unlocked position for entire period of photo transfer. Also trust the computer by your ipad/iphone.

                Problems like 1) Ipod does not recognized by computer, 2)  no new video or picture were found on this devices 3) ask for passcode everytime while try to copy photo library to computer. Such problems occur due to different file system used by ios device and windows computer. Ios 9,8 device are normally based on unix platform while windows have microsoft operating system. Though both have compatibility but due to ipad passcode protection and screen locks above problems occurs.
               So for smooth photo image transaction , turn off passcode, disable screen lock option and also trust the computer on which your are moving your ipad photos.

Steps for transferring photo library, album, camera roll between apple iphone ipad to windows computer having windows10/windows8/vista/ windows xp operating system. You can also use this for moving photo selfie from ios9 device to computer. By these steps you can also transfer photos from iphone to computer and ipod to computer.

Step 1) Connect your ipod/ ipad to computer having latest version of itunes 12.4. If you have itunes 11 or itunes 10 even though you can use these steps for photo transfer from ipad to windows10 computer.

Step2)  Now open this pc icon on your home computer. And find the apple ipad icon under this pc. If iphone ipad does not appear under my computer this pc. Then here is the fix for apple ipad does not appear in my computer

Step 3) Double click ipad or iphone icon under portable device of my computer.
Step4) Then under internal memory that is inbuilt memory of your ipad or iphone other than sd memory. Open dcim folder. Dcim stand for digital camera images folder. Normally by default when you save photo from ipad or iphone isight 12mega pixel camera it save at dcim folder. Even when you store photos from email and safari browser it saved at dcim folder with file name start with img_somenumber.jpg. There are many folders name with 1apple, 2apple etc under dcim.
   Now iphone ipad support .jpg, .gpeg, .tiff, .gif, .bmp, .psd, .png photo image file extension.
To know the file extension of your photo library, under dcim folder click on tools – folder option – view – uncheck hide extensions for known file types – apply – ok.
Step5) If you want to copy entire photo library and images then simultaneously click & hold ctrl and a, this will select all files. Now copy all the files and paste it to folder where you want to transfer all photos of your ipad iphone. here is the trick to search locate all video files on iphone/ ipad. you can use this method to search and locate photos on iphone and ipad.
             But if you want to transfer only particular file extension like .png , jpg which are mostly file extension for selfie images. Then search for *png or *gif under photo folder. 
Step 6) but if you want to transfer copy only selected photo images of ipad then under dcim folder click on view – then select thumbnails. This will provide you the preview of all the photos present under photo library of your ipad. So you can easily select your photo images for transferring to computer. Then copy those photos and paste at destination folder on my computer. Many time it happens that when you try to copy transfer selected photo images, it prompt for passcode everytime. This is very annoying. As I explained earlier remove passcode protection while you are doing photo transfer between ipad and windows computer.

     These complete steps for photo library picture transfer from ipad to computer. You can use this procedure for photo stream pictures transfer from ipod iphone to windows 10 computer.

Copy import only camera rolls photo from ipad / iphone to windows 8 & windows 7.
            If you want to import photo library images and photo stream picture from iphone ipad to computer then use above steps. Below steps can import only camera roll photos from ipad to windows 8 /7 computer.
          While importing photo picture from ipad, if you get message that there are no picture to import or there is no new video or picture were found on this device. Then turn off passcode of your ipad, disable auto screen lock of ipad and trust the computer.

Step 1) connect iphone ipad to computer. Computer detects ipad as an external usb media device.
Step 2) at the same time new windows open at your apple ipad and ask you to trust windows 7 computer. Click trust device. This options comes only if you first time connect your ios device to computer for importing photos.
Step 3) now another windows open at your apple iphone ipad. This asks for confirmation that allow this device to access photo and video, while it is connect to ipad iphone. As show in below image. Click on allow.

Transfer Photos picture iphone to computer

Step 4) now new autoplay dialog box appear on your windows computer screen as shown in below figure select import pictures and videos option.

Import photo images from ipad to windows

Step 5) now it open a new dialog windows which ask you the destination folder where you want to import your ipad camera roll photos, movie and video. Provide the path of the folder to import your ipad photos, movies & videos.
Step 6) finally click ok and it asks to give optional tag name and click import. This will import entire camera roll photos to your windows 7 computer. If auto play windows does not open as explain in step 4. Then go to my computer then right click on ipad icon and select import photo and video option.
 I hope you have successfully transfer photos from ipad to computer.

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